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  1. Thanks everyone for responding. I think they will fall off soon, but they are reporting incorrect dates. I would like them to to fall off sooner than later. And the Collection Agency dates are incorrect also. I think I will DV the collection agency, this is making my credit look worse than it already is
  2. Hello Everyone, I hope someone can help me, Im in desperate need. I have a collection/charge off on my credit report that I have disputed a few times over the years but it seems to always update with the incorrect information. I brought a car with Drive Financial in January of 2005, I guess it transfered over to Santander. The car was reposessed in 2007 (not sure of the month) and charged off in March of 2008. This is a lender credit report so maybe the dates will actually show correct on a standard credit report. The Reported date is incorrect and has been incorrect for many years. Are they in violation? Should I DV Santander?? Also, ACCL FIN SOL brought the Santander account (Im assuming) and those dates are also incorrect. Should I DV ACCL FIN SOL?? This is the 2nd collection agency that brought this account, the other agency is no longer showing on my report. What is my best plan of action? I am trying to buy a house, but with this on my credit my FICO is not high enough. I hope someone can chime in on my situation. THANKS!! Creditor RPTD Last Acct Opnd Limit Balance Owning Amount Past Due ACCL FIN SOL 14-May 10/13 9384 9384 9384 Collection 12 Santander Auto Loan Santander Consumer 09/12 09/12 01/05 16225 0 0
  3. O Geeeezzzz, thanks!!
  4. Ok, so I applied for a Macys account a few days ago. I received a letter saying I was denied due to me having an account already........I have NEVER had a Macys account. So I called to see what the problem was, I was told that I had a Broadway account over 20 years ago (1988) that had not been paid off. WTH???? I totally forgot about that account, and I paid it off. They are saying that it was never paid off. Please help, Im not sure how to handle this. Should I try to reconsider or just forget about it??
  5. Ok, I never thought of sending the letter to the CRA. I also disputed it with the CRA, they verified. That seems very odd to me though.
  6. I mailed off my first DV to IC Systems in May, a few weeks later I was sent back the DV letter that I sent and a letter from them that read Thank you for the attached information. Unfortunately we are unable to locate the IC System account number that you are inquiring about appearing on your Experian credit report. Please contact Experian @1234567 and request the complete account number. Please return this attachment with the complete account numbers or call for further account assistance. I did include the account # that was on my Experian report, but never said it was Experian. Whats my next steps? Should I sent out another DV??? Thanks for the HELP!
  7. Canlaw99 - I totally agree with you; sometimes I am hesistant to ask questions on the board and I have been registered for over 2 years. Next time I will keep my questions to myself. But I do thank you for all your help.
  8. Whychat, FYI, "waiting for Whychat" was just a figure of speech. I didnt know it would bug you that much. Also, I do have all my files together no need for the rude comment.
  9. Canelaw99 - Yes, I spoke with the dental off and the lady told me that she would have it removed, we even did a three way conference with the collection agency, the collection agency STLL refuses to remove it. Of course they said it was the LAW and there was nothing they could do. And I paid the dental office, never did I pay the collection agency. Whychat - Yes, I opt'd out, deleted old address and sent the dispute letter (I think , I've sent out so much....sometimes I forget) lol!! I did exactly what you told before on a unpaid medical bill, and waaaalaaah.....it was so gone. Im just trying to get rid of this one.

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