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  1. If that was a threat, I have a strong feeling I have made more canoes than you. Message me when you're stateside, we'll find out.
  2. Interesting where your mind goes. You have something seriously broke in your head. Get that looked at or you are gonna be one of the 22. I can understand why you were sent to a far away land. Wasn't "How to win friends and influence people" on your reading list as a Lt? You may want to revisit that.
  3. I was just hoping cause it would be easy since I will already be in country. It's an accompanied tour so that limits options.
  4. I have doubts any of that is true. Meet me at Panzer Kaserne in March. If you are what you say you are I will eat crow, and post it in this thread.
  5. Meet me at Panzer Kaserne in March. We'll play chess or something ☺️
  6. Does your NCOIC have a phone on his desk? Does he have an open door policy? Is part of his job to insure the health and welfare of his troops? If you have a banking issue overseas, that is Official Business, it affects your readiness and makes you a potential target for foreign intelligence agencies. You should have been briefed on this when you inprocessed; ask your S3. Quit trying to snow job the second class citizens. If you don't have a DSN line on your desk, you definitely have time for it, because you don't make decisions. I have made calls from remote regions all over the world. There is always a commo guy that can get you internet and DSN connection; if you're not a prick. I never referenced OCONUS, that is a straw man you are introducing, because you know it is as simple as using a DSN line. Are you in Europe? I'll be in Germany for IWA in March. I have a feeling you won't be so hostile in person.
  7. You are actually so dumb, that you didn't understand I was agreeing with you on this. I've seen this happen many times. The people that know what the software needs to do are rarely the ones that can code it. Which is why there is a whole industry built on milking these companies.
  8. I didn't accept your premise, and suspected you were lying. Nothing to do with my reading skills, everything to do with my snapshot assessment of your integrity. You wish for strange things, but we didn't ask and you didn't have to tell. The poor implementation is the complication. The website designers and software integration consultants, are rarely end users for what they are designing. They have no idea what the site or software needs to do. They throw crap at a wall and think they have painted a Mona Lisa. Problems are discovered as the website gets used by the end users. This is where you are. It takes time to fix, and is a crap show while it's being done. I have never seen an Website as complicated as USAA, go through a overhaul without major problems. You are right, the website was working fine as was. I suspect this was all done because it needs to be compatible with Windows Server 2022 or similar upgrade. This kind of thing is what makes me question your integrity. You are trying to snow job the second class citizens that don't know anything about DSN lines or Commo. No one stationed overseas or deployed pays for calls to their bank; unless they pissed off a whole lot of people. Which in that case you are deservedly paying an asshole tax.
  9. They are great. When my apartment was on fire, I called letting them know that a claim would be coming. The insurance claims rep I was speaking to, googled my address. Found a live feed from a local news channel showing flames jumping from the roof. He said this clearly was going to be a total loss. He talked to a supervisor, and they paid the entire insured amount before the fire was out. Who does that? If you can't tolerate being on hold, in a time when employee prospects are hard to come by, and covid is keeping infected employees out of work for weeks; well that sounds like the problem is in your mirror. As far as the website, I have never seen anything "new" dealing with IT get implemented without complications. I would bet they are on it, and things will return to normal soon. In fact the not being able to add external accounts must have been fixed, it's under manage accounts. It can also still be done on the app.
  10. I can confirm this. C1 Walmart Mastercard is my lowest limit card. I tried to get a CLI just last month, and the only reason cited that I didn't use the card enough. Which has validity, because I have never made a charge on it since it changed from Synchrony to C1.
  11. If it is your only installment loan, you will take a hit. I took a 35 point hit. There is a recent thread on here about it.
  12. Here is the full credit report for those days. Note the 19 open and 3 closed on Jun 30th, and 18 open and 4 closed accounts on Jul 1st. Credit balances didn't move because nothing reported those 2 days except the NFCU Loan payoff. The remaining $1250 it's showing is my rent, not sure why it showed up as a loan in the summary. It's listed as an "other" in the itemized.
  13. Is there anything in particular you want to see? It was the only change on my report for July 1st; or are you suggesting the algorithm itself may have been adjusted July 1st?
  14. Thanks for the help, been awhile since I have posted anything to any forums of any type, much less pictures. Pretty much cut social media and the like out of my life. Had enough real drama to deal with. So I am out of practice. However, this board was the best one when it came to rebuilding credit back in 2014. Thanks to the members here I was successful.
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