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  1. I'm thinking that may be it. I have 7k on the CSP, 5k on freedom and 25k on the CSR. If that's the reason, I hope they'll allow me to move some of the limit around. I forget what I listed as my income because it's much higher this year than last. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What is the best way to approach Chase when your app does to pending? I hold the freedom, CSP and CSR. I applied for the Marriott Friday and instead of being auto approved, it went to pending and I'd hear in 30 days. I called in immediately after and the rep just said it was being reviewed and I'd hear 7-10 days after the decision. My Experian is 750, 6% utilization, and 4/24. My newest inquiry was the CSP in December 2016. Is there anything else I need to do or just wait it out? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Does this mean my TY Preferred will be changed to a MasterCard?
  4. It has been almost a month or more since. It has been over 10 days for sure. Sent from my iPhone
  5. That is a low limit for your score though. Do you have any other cards with AX? Have you asked for a CLI within the last 6 months? I have had the card about a year now (backdated to 1983), and this is the first time I asked for a CLI. I also have a charge card with them, but no other revolvers aside from the BCE. And Mark, I never received an email with the decision. I checked the spam too to make sure it wasn't put in there.
  6. I finally bit the bullet and got around my fear of another FR and did a 3X CLI on my blue cash everyday card. It's current limit is $3100 and I requested $9000 and got the 7-10 day message, which I assume is a no. However, I never received anything in the mail or email about the final decision. There was $0 balance on the card and I have a 790 credit score. I didn't spend more than $500 or so a month on the card because of the low limit, which maybe was why I didn't get the CLI. Has this happened to anyone? And what do you do if it does? I won't bother re-requesting since it's obvious I w
  7. I was going to cancel my PRG card and open an Everyday when the AF became due, but I'm rethinking that now. Most of my spending is on food, grocery and dining, and I'd probably take advantage of the bonus categories now. I was saying that if they added dining I'd keep the card. I just wish it wasn't going to kick in until June.
  8. Mine dropped 5 for whatever reason from 790 to 785
  9. Have you logged on to your online account and checked the credit limit for the account in question? I got the 7-10 day message, and within 10 seconds my online account had updated to my new credit limit. You might have already received the CLI and just not be aware of it. same CL when I log on... Same here. I guess I won't try reapplying. I never got any kind of email confirming or denying my CLI. Maybe a letter will come in the next week or so. I haven't received anything this week.
  10. Me either. My credit limit hasn't increased but I didn't get any email either about a decline.
  11. I just don't see much of a reason to keep the PRG now. I am debating whether to pay the fee again this year but I think I could apply for an everyday and be just fine. Unless they had more bonus categories to the PRG to offset the 15k bonus for 30k spent, it isn't worth keeping a PRG IMO.
  12. I have no clue what is on a 4506T but maybe they allow paycheck stubs or a letter from HR stating your income... Tax returns. They told me during my FR they didn't care about any other income I had except what was listed on my tax returns. I managed to not get closed down despite being a law student, but I thought that was going to be the outcome.
  13. I just want to go from 3k to 9k haha. But again, this is my first year working since law school so my tax return from 2014 won't show anything Sent from my iPhone
  14. I updated it when it asked me. I still haven't requested a CLI. It's 3k and has been since I got the card, but I'm hitting a third of my limit each month. I always pay on time and never carry a balance but that didn't stop them from FRing me last time. Sent from my iPhone
  15. Do we have any data points where someone was FR'd after requesting a CLI if they had already gone through a FR? My income apparently was changed to zero at the beginning of the year and my account asked me to update it a few days ago. It was strange. Sent from my iPhone
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