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  1. Great great! Thank you. I'll get on the horn and start that process! Indeed correct that I want hard copies, and do NOT want my "free" annual report since there are some strings there.
  2. Great to see so many familiar faces and articles here on the old CB. I was active back in 04-05. Thank you all for your hard work. I was able to get an apartment, buy a few cars (now paid off). That was great! After benefiting from a few years of excellent credit and financial growth, I got mobbed by a series of difficult situations and am probably in a deeper pit than before : one BOFA default judgement, lien, being the worst of the lot. Still, I gotta be able to qualify for housing somehow - so it's back to this lovely grind for me! Now that I'm back, I find that quite a bit has changed and I'm stuck on step one all over again. I've read the old pinned threads again, but am unable to find the answer to how I make my initial pull to get my initial reports. We once used something called "My Credit Keeper" or some such for daily pulls from all 3. Now I read that it is best to write a letter to each of the CRAs and get the report that way. Yet I imagine there is some kind of fee or something I would need to pay them, but they are so obsessed with selling me their bogus digital fako scores and tricking me into that free annual report, that I can't figure out how to just order my regular (not free annual) report. Help!? Thanks!
  3. I have also read that calling them to try to work out something is a good strategy if you haven't done anything wrong yet.
  4. Er...pasted link to the wrong case. The case I'm concerned about RE: SOL is this one: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16800&view=findpost&p=270936
  5. Oh, I missed the question "Have you been dunned". Yes, years ago.
  6. Thanks for the answers. I'll try to be brief. 1. Yeah, that was a typo. Meant CRA, not CA. 2. Just wondering if minus the 30 day from "First contact" bit, if there's a point to attempting the 1-2 punch. I know I CAN DV, but is there a point to the timing here? Maybe I can get them on not marking as "disputed", but is that about the best I can expect on that? 3. As far as the date of the supposed delinquency, I'm not yet sure. I provided all the information I have. I'll continue to research this however. 4. By re-listing, I mean placing a dropped TL back on my credit report. 5. I don't know. 6. True. 7. Concerned about this: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16800&view=findpost&p=271000 8. Good to know, thanks again...
  7. So here's the story: I moved out of my apartment in 2005 with a nice fat 790 score. About a month later the apt complex sends me a trumped-up carpet repair fee notice and I send off a check, even though I have it on good authority that they replaced the carpet with pergo. About six months later I got a kinda bogus-looking collection letter that the debt hadn't been paid. I called the apt complex and they said it could be a mix-up, and I never heard back. Jump to this summer and I'm getting ready to go get pre-approved for a home-loan. I discover my score is around 650. WTH? Turns out I got a derogatory from IQ DATA INT, mentioning my old apt complex. So I go pay my old land-lord a visit (we are on friendly terms). I ask them: "Hey, did you not get my check or something? Why didn't you mention something?" They shrugged it off as being possible that they didn't have my number or address or something. So I tell them: "Look, I'll pay double this amount if you will call off your dogs." So they respond: Sure, but we can't really figure out how to do that. Ug. I THINK the check for this cleared, but I have to go back to 2005 to be sure. Looking at old statements, the details on checks aren't really there so I can't tell for sure. I'd have to find the old check-book somewhere which would only prove I wrote the check. I'm putting in a request with the bank to get photos of all 2005 checks, but who knows? 09 WATERFORD PLACE APTS WA Account #: **** High Balance: 161 Date Opened: 09/21/2005 Date Reported: 01/05/2011 Balance: 271 Condition: 01/05/2011 Responsibility: Joint Remarks: SO this is showing up on my account and also my wife's. All three, seemingly updated every few months. We are nearing the SOL on this, but I'd rather not wait as I want to get the house process started soon. So my questions to the group are: Should I start with the DV, get the green-card, then hit the CA? Is it too old for that to matter? (confused about this 30-days business) Is the risk of waking up the CA that I've never heard from worse than just running it out via SOL? Does Washington SOL prevent re-listing? Should I try to work with the apartment complex instead and kinda push them through calling off the CA? If push came to shove, I can pay this, and gladly would just to be done with the whole thing, but I DON'T want a paid collection on my account - especially because I'm not sure the charge was legit to begin with, and because I think I may have already paid it once. The CA IS licensed in my state, and they are reputed to be real ball-breakers. I'm worried they could try to get a judgment if I DV them, or that they can somehow loophole the SOL out of the way if I interact with them. I'm also curious if somebody can sell you out to a CA without trying to really collect the debt from me in earnest?
  8. I wouldn't. They should give up eventually...
  9. Sorry Ken! I'm going to send mine! Just caught me in the middle of moving, so it's a bit chaotic right now...What's the dead-line?
  10. Well, I ask because currently I have a really great patelco offer out there. But I can't collect it until I have a CPA work out my tax situation. Sure, I make good money but my taxes are fubar right now and I can't provide crap and still be sure that this is what the IRS will get. I prepared my own quick 1040 w/ section C for them, but was thinking that if I gave that to them, and it's not what's on file, and doesn't match what the IRS has on file, I might be inviting trouble.
  11. Tell them your line is monitored for "quality assurance purposes". I doubt they will call back.
  12. I am curious...aren't you worried that the bank will check that against the IRS? Could result in blacklist or worse...Audit....
  13. Bofa has not asked me for mine...I take it that your 1040 and section C are not currently...ahem...available to you?
  14. Hmph. I called, and got an automated system which said I am still declined. Yet I wonder if it relates to the old application and not my reconsidered application, ya know? One can always hope!

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