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  1. I have gotten mine down to 10.49% from 18.99%. I've called every six months and managed two SP CLI's. The APR reduction is just getting you to the right person to see what offers are available on your acct. Do as Konrad suggested.
  2. You could also try a VPN or using a different computer, device, or network. I get it 100% of the time when tethering my laptop to my phone's hotspot.
  3. There is a better offer of $250. Open this link in an incognito browser and keep trying until the offer shows.
  4. What store let you buy $10K in GCs in one shot?? There are a few. Just have to get to know the right people
  5. Just wanted to add as a point of reference. I was able to get the full $1,100 out of the deal with a purchase made on the 19th. The difference with my transaction was I purchased 10k worth in one shot. Dunno if that matters.
  6. Just wanted to add as a point of reference. It seems Discover is being somewhat generous with their auto-CLI at 90-days apparently. Just received this e-mail: Went from $14,000 -> $18,200 with maybe $100 spend on the card in the last 90 days.
  7. Where you located? NY Do you also get gas points? Unfortunately no, I would but they don't carry the 20-500 variety. $6.95 for $200 just isnt worth it even with the gas rewards.
  8. Do most people have trouble buying VGC is bulk? I have a store I can get 20k in one shot using 10 AGC's without raising an eyebrow. I find the hardest part being they can't order enough VGC fast enough to replenish . I'll usually clean out the OV gift card and prepaid cards. The problem I have is finding stores to buy MO's from that take debit in my area. Other than MO's, haven't found a reliable way to unload.
  9. Just wanted to add, I was in a similar situation as liz. I also checked my EX and BOA removed my TL as well.
  10. Well that worked I had missed the button earlier. Log in to your account. Click "Go to Ultimate Rewards" Then click the "See More Activity" box. Bummer, some of these gift card sites code as Office Supplies - Stationary on the Visa MCC search (Gift Card Zen in particular), but doesn't look like Chase is going to cough up the bonus points for the purchases. CardCash coded as Internet Services on my CapOne Visa, so I'll try running them on the Ink Plus next and see if I get the bonus points. GIFTCARD ZEN INC 321 N VERDE STFLAGSTAFF AZ 86001 204.3 miles OFFICE SUPPLIES / STATIONERY - 5947 Konrad out of sheer curiosity does the ink plus show up under your personal cards login for chase? Or is it a separate login for personal and business? Just wondering how chase does it. Thanks.
  11. He did PM me that he will get back to me, lots of interest, so I'm just patiently waiting
  12. Will there be pie and beer? Then sign me up!
  13. Alright well, I guess I'll have to look at other avenues of membership in the future. Thanks mendel and juggs!

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