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  1. What can I do to raise my score? Right now,...= EQ 608 EX 668 TR 653 I have 100 % on time payments on all open acounts with an average of 3.8 years and my usgae is low, like 20 %, if even that.. I do have, however, 2 older small accounts totaling less than $600 and one of which I am actually paying off today , cause I did not even know about it till I did a credit check. The 3rd account is about $ 4,300, a charge off I did a credit simulation and found out that paying off any of these accounts, such action will only REDUCE my score..... I am in a better financial situation now, to deal with these 3 things and want to do so, if for nothing else, but the moral aspect, however, I sure dont want to hurt myself in the process. I am hoping to purchase the home I am currently in, that is a lease purchase contract . Next month will make 3 years I've lived here and have some equity already.. Oh , and back to my title question, based on numbers above, what would be my mid score? I would appreciate any advice!! ps: sorry if im ignorant, but I new and learning as i go.. THANKS!!! ps again,...i never applied for a mortgage before, thought I'd get my score up first and continue saving...

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