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  1. I got an alert from myFico today that I'm 30 days late on a Chase card I rarely use. I was under the impression I had auto pay turned on for the card, but there is a $75 charge on the card that did not get paid through auto pay. I've never been late on anything before in my life and have not had any late payments on any of my reports before. It's currently only reporting to EX, but I imagine it'll hit the other two soon. It's dropped my fico 08 score from 740-693. I have paid the charge, since the annual fee is legitimate (I'll tackle trying to get that removed later. I'll most likely clos
  2. How will it affect him if he just pays it? The collection has completely tanked his scores (granted they weren't super high, since he's 19 and just started building credit)
  3. Long story short: my little brother gets his college tuition paid by VA benefits earned by my dad; he dropped a class and the school didn't return the VA their funds from the tuition paid for that particular class. Somehow he didn't get the memo that the VA hadn't been paid back and the VA is now collecting on him for $349. I've never had a collection so I'm looking for advice on what to do with this and how to help him. He's planning to pay it in full, and would have paid it in full had he known there was an issue in the first place. Will a pay for delete work here? It looks like the collect
  4. Hi guys, so I'm now a year from when I bought my condo and I'm going to start the refi process. Comps have continued to go up in the area and I'm confident I can get my condo to appraise for between $225k-$250k. The DW and I have paid down some debt recently (namely a car and a student loan), so our DTI is pretty low, (approximately 23%) including our current mortgage payment. The thing that concerns me is our scores: the scores listed in my signature/the ones referenced above are Fico 08s, I just checked my Fico 2/4/5 and I'm sitting around 662/688/706 and the DW. Will this make getting a co
  5. Thanks Marv! Anything that stands out to you as a potential issue?
  6. Credit Application: Joint App with Wife Your Age? 21, DW 21 Your Equifax Credit Score? Me: 706 DW 709 Your Experian Credit Score? Me: 762 DW 740 Your TransUnion Credit Score? Me: 777 DW 772 How many years have you been on file with Equifax? Me: 39 months DW: 28 months How many years have you been on file with Experian? Me: 39 months DW: 28 months How many years have you been on file with TransUnion?Me: 39 months DW: 28 months YOUR PREVIOUS AUTOMOTIVE CREDIT HISTORY Do you have an open auto loan? 2 open leases in my name only Will this open auto loan be a trade-in? trade in or private sale
  7. I've used plastiq a few times, haven't had a bad experience yet, but I've always left lat least 7 business days for the payment to be sent. I only use them when I'm trying to complete a spend requirement and I'm too lazy to go buy a VGC and liquidate it. The fees don't justify any regular usage.
  8. I applied forChase Ink around the same time, May 19th, app went to 30 status. Got a letter in the mail which stated denial as "Too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years" Not sure I'm going to recon, don't think it's worth it at this point.
  9. I'll defer to the experts (Specifically Marv), however, to my knowledge you should be alright: I certainly wouldn't cosign for her without employment (btw so sorry to hear that you lost your job, that's never a fun position to be in). If she truly has no other monthly debts, approval will depend on how much the lease payment is: as a rule of thumb debt-to-income ratio shouldn't be more than 30%. For example, if she has no other monthly payment responsibilities and her only payment is the lease and let's say hypothetically the payment is $350/month, her DTI would be 12% ($350/2916 or monthly
  10. First of all, you're a troll: You are completely entitled to your opinion, and no one here will tell you that you HAVE to use credit in your financial life. That said, just because you choose to use a different type of personal finance strategy ( paying cash for cars, debit cards etc.) doesn't mean you're wrong, you've simply made certain choices that affect how you handle your money. In the same way, making a conscious decision to use credit to your benefit in a responsible manner is also a perfectly reasonable financial strategy. Just because a person chooses to finance their car does no
  11. Sorry to hear this; I had a similar experience about two years ago, the dealer hit TU 6 times, EX 3 times and EQ 8 times: total damage of 17 inquiries. Turned out the dealer was very sketchy and had done some really strange things with the deal, so I ended up returning the car after 72 hours. Regardless: I ended up with 17 new inquires and no new car. Even though they don't affect my score at this point I'm just excited for them to fall off later this year. Since then I've always gone shopping with a Pre-Approval in hand, rate already secured. I don't trust a dealership to "get me a bette
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