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  1. nah, i think that's not it. I just punched the button for DW and the popped another 5k for her.. bringing her limit to 34.2k Disco shows her TU score at 826 which is roughly where it rides all the time +/- 3 points. Income and assets are in very good shape. I on the other hand am stuck at 43.4k with them for now, won't try again for about 6 months.. rarely use that card. I just like the numbers... I only have luck with them after using the card and paying it off a couple of months in a row.. if we don't use one of them for 6-8 months, the button never works for either of us.
  2. Congrats on the card, and yes, it will grow if you grow it... I never use mine, but it's sitting at 36.9k right now, started at 11.5k a couple of years ago - the Luv button is your friend. It's not even always 91 days.. I've tagged it in less. It's like the wheel on wheel of fortune though, never know if you'll get the 7-10 day, or $500 bucks or a couple of grand...
  3. It's shocking to learn that the membership process is disorganized and confusing, and that they'd ask for the same document more than once. They're usually very together on this. Might have been my own fault.. I put a personal email address on the application and then sent the docs from my work email.. it doesn't explain why I had to say 'scroll down' multiple times, but the last emails did come to my personal email, first the one with the blank app and then the welcome emails.. So in hindsight, I might be an salamander who should have sent the docs from the same address I put on the
  4. Looks like February of '18 for me... Currently 9/24 and it's only that low because I just closed on a new house 2 weeks ago.
  5. I'd also rephrase the money from your friends who are living with you. That is not income, that is two room-mates paying their share of the bills.
  6. I talked my 24 year old daughter in to getting one. She's been much more responsible about her spending now than she was before she got it. I had her as an AU on my AmEx for a year or so, then had her app for a Disco.. $500 starter card, she's already had her first bump to 2K. She spends on it, pays it off every payday.. it's been good experience for her so far.
  7. heh, I hadn't noticed.. I rarely use my Ring card, just something small every few months to make sure it stays active. Even the 8% rate doesn't matter since I never carry a balance (unless it's a 0% promo) and since I have other cards with much better bennies... no need to use the Ring
  8. Okay, I skipped some pages.. like 45 of them... Data point though, for someone who was asking about joint apps, and I don't know if it got answered in the pages I skipped.. I was already a NL member, switched chapters to San Diego though, just in case.. Used the online NF app - Joint app self and DW Waited about 30 minutes, and sent in copies of DL, passports and a property tax bill with both our names on it Got a reply that the DL had to be a color copy (the passports already were) so I rescanned, with my phone this time and resent. Something got lost in translation.. they kept ask
  9. Nope, all I got is what I posted above. No request. Who did BOA hard pull for this? TU for sure, not showing on EQ, and I have not checked Ex, but I think I have that frozen anyway.
  10. I got a wild hair and clicked the 'request an increase' button. My limit with them was 18k, so I asked for 25k. I expected to get the 25k, or a 'notice' maybe even a counter? Instead... Congratulations! Your credit line has been approved. Your new total credit line is $33,000.00 with a cash credit line of $9,900.00 and is available for immediate use. Use your available credit to transfer balances from other creditors online today. Request a credit line increase: confirmation Print this page Total credit line requested: $25,000.00
  11. heh, I kept getting little bumps, then this year it was 3K on 2/20, 5k on 6/6 and now another 5k this morning after a 2 day notice Monday. I barely use the card.. but might have to start.. it's the first one over 30k for me... Current Balance $0.00 Total Credit Line $34,900.00 of $34,900 This is after I closed on a house on the 8th and it hit all my reports on the 10th
  12. Core618


    ^^^ what they said. More about the company here: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/US-Auto-Protection/Internet-Missouri-/US-Auto-Protection-US-Auto-Protection-IS-A-TOTAL-SCAM-DONT-BUY-BUYER-BEWARE-595093
  13. I ping them every 90 days or so if I think about it, I just got the '2 day' notice, but I am already at 27,900 with them anyway.. and I haven't used the card since I don't know when... DW got a 4500 bump this morning though... they had not been bumping her, I had her spend a little on the card, like 50 bucks I think it was, paid it off a week later, then when this 90 day cycle came around they bumped her from 10.5k to 15k.
  14. Didn't even know this was in the works.. but sure enough, there it was under 'Tools and Investing' Shows scores back to November for me as well.
  15. My Southwest card was a TU pull last month. I didn't even think about it until I read this thread... EX is not frozen at the moment but I have never had Chase double pull in the past, so I doubt they did this time.
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