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  1. Stats in my sig. Looking for a big limit card, $30k plus. May use it for a balance transfer but thats not a requirement. $88k income, 22% util currently Any recommendations?
  2. Citi nailed me with a hard on TU, darn it. Oh well. I have a 2nd citi card. Any advice on getting them to pull soft... smaller CLI amount, call in to do it, etc?
  3. No good reason other than reporting enough misc income on the mortgage app to offset my full-time job DTI Calc (car loan, student loans) just a little to bump me into the price range I’m interested in. But I can include all of my side misc income if that’s easier, I’m just unsure if you can count misc income same year, before it’s reported on an IRS form ?
  4. I've had some recent success increasing my misc income by margin swing trading in 2020. The last two years my misc side income was about $4,000 but this year its quite a bit more. I just want to use a fraction of this income on my mortgage app, but will that be possible? I intend to pay taxes on the gains of course and can provide documentation on the income.
  5. Good to know thanks Heg! I'll have to check into NFCUs rate chart to see which bracket I'm in.
  6. Had 2 Amex cards years ago, one for 13k and one for 7k. Built up some debt last year for a business and you can bet they were paying attention. All the sudden they reduced my limits on each card to $1,000 which killed my utilization. Just paid off quite a bit of debt getting my utilization down from about 90% to 30%. Going for a mortgage app soon so looking for simple ways to boost scores. My new FICO 8s after getting my utilization down are in my sig. No baddies currently For the record my FICO mortgage mid score is 759. Since Amex kneecapped me, should I try to get an
  7. Hello in 2-3 weeks I plan to apply for a mortgage with NFCU. My FICO mortgage mid score is 759 with high and low 727 and 796. Simple question I hope, alot of good homes popping up in our area so theres a sense of urgency. should I wait until that midscore hits 760 ? I thought I remember reading on here 760 is the magic number, but maybe I'm wrong about that. just wondering if it will make a significant difference in interest rate
  8. I think, though I'm not certain, that seller's wife is on deed. Our original purchase contract had her name on it and she just never signed it. He then, I believe, talked to his attorney and when we had to extend the contract for another reason, whited out her name. I have not questioned him about this. If she has some sort of claim, could this blow up in our face or cause us problems down the road?
  9. In the end did you come out significantly ahead financially by going this route? Arguably a listing agent could have gotten you a higher price for the home to offset the commission. Of course, there's no way to know on an individual basis if this would have been true... I'm just interested in your impression. I saved the 3% that a sellers agent would have collected which amounted to a little over $4k in my case. But like you said, a sellers agent may have retrieved me a better offer not to mention he or she might have had the experience to refuse certain inspection required fixes th
  10. Quick update. We got an offer finally after about 9 weeks on the market, had to drop down to our rock bottom price. We've cleared inspection and appraisal and should close in a couple weeks. In the long run I would probably not recommend selling your house yourself unless you: 1. have family or friends in real estate willing to offer free advice 2. are extremely patient and confident in your home and ability to follow through with selling it yourself 3. live in an area and point in time where it's indisputably a seller's market 4. are willing to negotiate some on price dependent on mar
  11. Thanks for the heavy sarcasm, just trying to share with potential FSBO's that even if you're in a hot seller's market, patience is still crucial.
  12. Quick update. I've gotten a nice taste of reality already. I thought I was in a hot market because the supply was low but it turns out the demand is low as well. Really nice houses (particularly between 160-300k) are sold in a week or so. In my case however, I seem to be in an awkward price point. I initially listed on Zillow and MLS at 157k, with 2.5% commission paid to buyers agent. It seems my home value is probably realistically between 145-150k. It makes me wonder if alot of first time home buyers in my area are approved in the $110-140k range We had one open house which had a decent
  13. Looking to buy soon and I have preapproval. I've noticed there are some decent properties coming up next month to auction. I've done some research and know the general risks involved. I've also found out that a deposit of $5,000 and a lender preapproval letter is satisfactory for bidders to win the home. If one were to purchase a foreclosure for say $140,000 that was appraised prior to the auction for $180,000, can the buyer typically request a loan amount of say $165,000 to make any unknown repairs that need made? If it's a Sheriff's sale driven by unpaid taxes, and the owner is a
  14. I am buying in a city where demand is very high and supply is very low. The good houses are swooped up in literally days. I need some advice on how to get the edge on the newly listed homes, FSBO's or MLS. How do I stay a step ahead of others aside from bugging realtors on a daily basis for new leads and stalking FSBO websites hourly? I am not committed to any agents yet so I considered dangling that 'double-agent' carrot to realtors in exchange for first dibs on newly listed property that end up a success for us. However I know having my own independent agent is in my best interest. T
  15. Good point Brian, I will be sure to get on the MLS and note a commission to agents. I will try and keep this as a running post with updates to help those who are considering FSBO's.
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