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  1. Thanks so much WhyChat. I really appreciate it. One more question. I have all of the letters ready to go but have one more question. For the follow-up letters to the CRA... Do I send a letter per collection per CRA? For example, I have (2) collections for Experian, (2) for EQ and (1) for TU.
  2. How do I find that? Date on the itemized states shows 2014 CR shows 2016 when the collection opened
  3. Thanks so much WhyChat! Working on getting these out now. I do have a question... I forgot to mention that the itemized statement is from the OC. Should I send the OC this: https://whychat.me/hipltr.html
  4. Hi WhyChat, Thank you so much for getting back to me. I hope you enjoyed your vacation I'm stuck on step 3. The results came back verified on EX and EQ. TU deleted all five. I haven't received anything from one CA. I'm assuming I should send the Medical DV letter? The other CA sent me I guess you would call it an itemized statement almost. I don't remember the insurance I had at the time so I can't reference the EOMB. Should I send them the Medical DV letter? Also the original creditors are incorrect on my reports. Does this trump the verified results form the CRAs? Thank you again for all of your help
  5. Hello everyone, I was able to get eight medical baddies off. Woot woot. However, I’m down to my last 4. I have a few questions. First- I noticed that the original creditors are incorrect on Equifax after the accounts came back verified. Could I get them off for this reason? Second- I have not received any corresponding from two of the CA. They could have very well sent something but with the issues with the postal service I haven’t received anything. What should I do now? Third- One of the collections is from 2014. Should I wait for it to fall off later this year? Lastly- Two of the baddies I was able to get them deleted from other bureaus. I’m assuming this doesn’t make a difference. Thank you so much for all of your help in advance.
  6. @DallasLoanGuy @Brian B The Loan Professor I'd love to hear from you guys.
  7. That’s very true. Rebuilding is hard work and I wouldn’t want to go down this road again.
  8. I’m not going to pull the trigger in anytime soon. I would want my scores at least where they were when we first secured the mortgage. Just having a goal in mind to keep me focused and to have a plan of action. If I’m calculating LTV correctly, I’m at 68%. Let’s scores are at 620- what would you suggest?
  9. Ah, thank you so much! I'll keep you updated. First I have to remove old addressed/personal names... Question about that- Can I remove my maiden name? I just created another thread... which of my baddies should I tackle first. Which would yield faster score increases?
  10. Hi Everyone, Thanks to some of the greats on here, I was able to secure a mortgage back in 2017. Life happened and I’m back to rebuilding. However, the goal is to get a home equity loan to refinish our basement. I think that’s what best... correct me if I’m wrong. I believe from reading the threads on here since HELOC would show 100% utilization. Would a refi be better option? I’m a goal driven person so having this goal will help me while stay focused. Right now scores are upper 500s. We secured a FHA with middle scores of 620-650. So is that what’s needed... would a lender accept lower since we have equity? Received one quote for around $30k. I’ll get probably two more but that’s probably the average. We have about $40k in equity. Definitely don’t want to pull all of it out and would cap it at $30k. I’m not sure what baddies to tackle first. What would have the fastest improvement to scores? Here’s a quick list: 120 day late from first two mortgage servicers Lates from car and fed loan 1 1/2 years ago. medical collections collections Thanks so much!
  11. Ok that’s what I thought too. When I finish with this round I’ll tackle this. How should I word the dispute?
  12. Also, when you say dispute process... What specifically should I send to the CRA's?
  13. I'm about to send start WhyChat's HIPAA method.... Are you able to do two different types of disputing at the same time?
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