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  1. Hello everyone, I was able to get eight medical baddies off. Woot woot. However, I’m down to my last 4. I have a few questions. First- I noticed that the original creditors are incorrect on Equifax after the accounts came back verified. Could I get them off for this reason? Second- I have not received any corresponding from two of the CA. They could have very well sent something but with the issues with the postal service I haven’t received anything. What should I do now? Third- One of the collections is from 2014. Should I
  2. @DallasLoanGuy @Brian B The Loan Professor I'd love to hear from you guys.
  3. That’s very true. Rebuilding is hard work and I wouldn’t want to go down this road again.
  4. I’m not going to pull the trigger in anytime soon. I would want my scores at least where they were when we first secured the mortgage. Just having a goal in mind to keep me focused and to have a plan of action. If I’m calculating LTV correctly, I’m at 68%. Let’s scores are at 620- what would you suggest?
  5. Ah, thank you so much! I'll keep you updated. First I have to remove old addressed/personal names... Question about that- Can I remove my maiden name? I just created another thread... which of my baddies should I tackle first. Which would yield faster score increases?
  6. Hi Everyone, Thanks to some of the greats on here, I was able to secure a mortgage back in 2017. Life happened and I’m back to rebuilding. However, the goal is to get a home equity loan to refinish our basement. I think that’s what best... correct me if I’m wrong. I believe from reading the threads on here since HELOC would show 100% utilization. Would a refi be better option? I’m a goal driven person so having this goal will help me while stay focused. Right now scores are upper 500s. We secured a FHA with middle scores o
  7. Ok that’s what I thought too. When I finish with this round I’ll tackle this. How should I word the dispute?
  8. Also, when you say dispute process... What specifically should I send to the CRA's?
  9. I'm about to send start WhyChat's HIPAA method.... Are you able to do two different types of disputing at the same time?
  10. I have (3) servicers because the loan was sold/transferred three times. Each of those trade lines are reporting 120 days. I know this is tanking my score. Is there anyway I can GW?
  11. When you say the entire history, do you mean from when it first opened? Should the other servicers be reporting those lates? It just seems that this is tanking my score because I have three TLs reporting late.
  12. Hi everyone, It's been a few years since I've been active on here. Thanks to some of the vets I tackled some baddies and was able to close on my home back in 2016. Life happened and a few bad decisions now I'm back in the same boat working my way back to 700 club (cue face palm) For now, the biggest thing probably hurting my CR are lates on my mortgage. My original servicer was PACIFIC UNION FINANCIAL, LLC (CLOSED) CR shows (3) 30 day lates from Dec 2018 to Feb 2019 It was then transferred to Nationstar/Mr. Cooper
  13. It's still says my orginial loan services, FedLoan. It only says balance $2440. I have a loan with a balance of that amount... I'm not sure why it popped up today. I found that strange. How can I upload a picture on here?
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