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    "How smooth must be the language of the whitey, when everything they say and do is right".
    - Black Hawk.
  1. and im the best thing that ever happend to this stupid website giving you people all these free hits, bunch of freeloaders. I usually charge atleast 25 cents per hit and over 2000 people hit this post so at the very least you guys owe me $500 bucks for this post alone!
  2. you people are ruining a good post about credit that could be useful so some of you people with 20-30 hard inquiries, blabbering about coffee and whatnot, you people really have no life, silly americans!!!
  3. whiteface we are living on the same land and we have to start sticking togther more.
  4. only problem with me is that im never getting that better job, as long as i dont make over 30k a year for the next 25 years my sl's just get forgiven, and if thats the case might as well make it 275k why dont we, and to think i was dodging these jerks.
  5. and im really thankful you guys helped me with my ibr reconsolodation, who would of thought after not paying your sl's for 6 years, you could just reconsolodate without paying any money and then go back to school and take out more sl's, i mean i only borrowed 36k now im having to reconsolodate at 49k so might as well give me some more money and make it 75k or 175k who cares, rack me up, gives people a chance who fall behind on their sl's to go back to school and get a better degree to get a better job and actually be able to pay them back, you know?
  6. i cant tell you guys because then youll just want to go back and fourth over foolishness instead of addressing my credit concerns, and i cant log in from my computer so its gonna have to be tomorrow when i go back over my cousins house from his computer
  7. it wasnt a political comment it was a sl comment but thanks anyway, see u guys tomorow on my other sn
  8. well thats when the 5 D's take over, dedication, determination, discipline, drive and desire and no one can stop me. You can never underestimate WillPower, my friend, so now I guess its time i start preparing my 623, DV and GW letters. and I need to address EX and their previously verified nonsense violation of the fcra 611, knowledge is power and by the way I disputed Chase as obsolete last week, wasnt scheduled to come off until nov 14, 3 days later TU deleted it!
  9. nope not intrested, what i am interested in is, getting all these old CO's and CA's off of my credit report, and i want a BarClays Card, and a discover or a walmart discover, maybe another comentiy card and a few more capital ones, like maybe venture and/o sparks,and now that ive reconsolodated my SL's iwant to register for more classes for another degree and take out some more SL's
  10. i didnt change the subject, read the post, the guy was talkng about iec and asked me if i was a montana freeman, and that wasnt the subject anyway the subject was me getting 21 inquiries deleted, i dont care about what youre talking about, how is that going to help me fix my credit?
  11. What does EIC do for you? and arent the Montana Freemen christian militants?
  12. Good luck with that argument, when the IRS comes after you. I'm sure it will work when you're charged with tax evasion. they dont "go after" native americans for tax evasion, because under federal law native americans are not required to file taxes. I think you may be mistaken. Tribes are not subject to taxation but tribal members most likely are: https://www.jct.gov/publications.html?func=startdown&id=1278 and: http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertwood/2012/10/11/native-american-casino-and-tax-rules-that-may-surprise-you/ and: http://www.irs.gov/irb/2006-15_IRB/ar09.html oh now youre keeping your treaties huh? lol
  13. no, thats wrong, native americans are not required to file taxes and if you make less than 10k doesnt matter if youre native american, white, blue or an alien from outerspace youre not required to file taxes. but next year i probably will file so that me not having to pay any of my SL's back goes smoothly.
  14. Hello Everybody, whats the best course of action to remove old CO's from the OC's? I have 2 from GECRB, Brandsmart and Chevron, both are zerod out and sold to collections: Midland, but Midland has removed their CA's, so now is only the OC, scheduled to be removed 09/15 an 05/16, should i send them a DV letter, Goodwill letter or ? and I also have 2 from HSBC and 1 from Credt One, scheduled to remove 01/15, 07/15 and 07/15, i send HSBC a letter but they just keep saying they have no info and contact CA?

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