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  1. centex: I do have hard copies of my reports. I'm only using the online report to check that it goes away. I also did the removal request by mail and have a hard copy of a their investigation which says the address is deleted. In my next letter I will ask for them to provide the source of the address. hegemony: I'm sorry for not being clear, or sounding foolish. I've no damages. I don't imagine I'll sue Equifax and become rich. I just want to trigger the internal decision tree that says; it is cheaper to spend the fifteen minutes now to escalate this record deletion to tech support
  2. Yeah, it just seems like they don't have any real reason not to remove it, just that its not happening and they don't care. What can I use for the or else? Any suggestions? CFPB complaint or small claims court? I've seen some strongly worded letters in these boards about FCRA. Any suggestions on what sort of specific consequences I could add to a letter would be appreciated.
  3. centex: I've been checking on the Equifax website where I have a paid account to monitor, so no paper copy, but I got a response in June saying status "deleted" but it never did disapper. CreditCurious20: It never seemed to go away and come back. I can't find an account associated with the address. The address is a mystery. All my accounts are associated with my real address which has been the same for five years or so. It is marked as last reported in 2010. Thank you for your help. Hope I answered your questions appropriately.
  4. Equifax has performed an investigation on an address on my report and resolved it as "deleted" but it has not been removed from my report. The address is not tied to any reporting trade lines, it is not a valid address at all. EQ investigates and says they'll delete, then they don't delete. I've successfully removed it from TU and EX but I cannot get it removed from EX. Some time last year I called them and spoke with different CSRs who started an investigation and seemed to believe it would be deleted, but it never was. In June I sent a letter and received an investigation re
  5. @hegemony I see that CUDL let's you look at cars for sale from dealers in your area. Do they have a customer facing product to do a loan application that I can see. I'm looking at www.cudlautosmart.com.
  6. @hegemony I'm helping a family member. He doesn't belong to a credit union.
  7. @Konrad2012 Yes, they asked. I don't know that there was a rationale for the lease. @Hegmony CUDL AutoSmart? @Zobelle That's what figured. Take your time if it is 2%.
  8. @Fltireguy I didn't look that hard at TrueCar. I wasn't going to try to get a quote through it, just get a feel for the prices. Great to hear this particular trick. Might try it. I've found that some of these dealers have special incentives. Volvo in particular is trying to get cars out the door right now. I've looked at Toyota, Subaru, Volvo and BMW. Only Volvo was offering special financing; 0%. Thus, I believe I'll suggest he get approved for a load through PenFed, then go shopping.
  9. Thank you. It helps. He's up North so he doesn't much choice in dealership for the fancy imports he's looking at. Whoa! TrueCar.com is amazing. Thanks for that!
  10. A family member who probably has good credit is at the end of a lease on a Cadillac Escalade. I must have been a long lease, or he must have renewed it at some point, because he's had it for five years or so now. He takes good care of his cars, keeps them a long time, and puts lots of miles on them. Leasing seems like a horrible idea for him, but I wouldn't know. I've only ever bought old hoopties cash. He now wants a Volvo S60 or XC60 or a BMW X1 or X3. (I'm going to suggest Subaru because they hold their value.) I'd suggest he go get a car loan then go car shopping. He wants to go to
  11. It's been six months the baddie hasn't returned. I'm in a new place in the same down and have electric and cable in my name, so as noted, I would have had to have paid off the debt to get reconnected. Let's see if this holds all the way to 2018.
  12. How are you able to speak to Experian? I'm calling them at their fraud number; 888 397 3742 and all I'm getting is a short phone tree. Each path takes me to instructions on how to write them a letter.
  13. Cool. Looks like they're in the mood. I'll do Quicksilver. I might actually start using it until I get a Citi Double Cash.
  14. I have a QuickSilver One. I'm going to ask for PL change. Should I go to Quicksilver which would be the same but with no annual fee, or should I switch to Venture? The problem with switching to Venture is that I believe I'll miss the sign-up bonus because of the PL change.
  15. Not feeling the love at Citi. The CSR on the reconsideration line sounds so unimpressed with me. I'm okay with waiting a few months and trying again, unless someone has an suggestions on how to win a Citi new account recon.
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