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  1. Hi, I have a DCU card that I had for 3 years with 1 late payment late last year. I would like to request a Goodwill letter for readjustment and I was wondering if anyone had luck with DCU and what was contact method used. Thank you
  2. I had open sky cc as my original and first cc. It was really good to me since I was paying it in full. I had my 2nd secured CC from Bank of America, I am a customer and they graduated me within 9months. Depending on your credit score I would check the prequal from capital one and see if you qualify. Meanwhile work on PFD on your collections. And keep disputing your closed accounts to improve your score. Please be patient no need to accrue two finance yearly charges and multiple hard inquiries. Good luck..
  3. The hate and shade thrown here is probably the reason there are lots of lurkers ont he site and just maybe why other peopke prefer myfico. If the bank/dealership finance approved him who are we to scorn him if he can afford it.Maybe someone can offer him a better strategy on paying them down and gaining maximum fico score and better auto purchasing strategies in the future. We all we got.
  4. Experian are currently deleting public records if you dispute them (judgements and Tax liens). They do it within days of phone dispute. This is because they stopped using outside agencies to report and verify them.It has nothing to do with freezing LN. Anyone with tax lien and judgements can go ahead and dispute them & get that free deletion.
  5. @cv91915 i do have 2 car loan and i read both loan documents and they dont have grace periods. But again my last finance co had a 10 day grace period. There are no laws requiring car loan co to give grace periods thats all I am saying and trying to help people in the future who just assumes everything has a grace period. Its always great to check with your bank/finance co/credit union. Thats all
  6. @CV91915 you can actually just google the 30day grace period for car payments. Again i mentioned Most car finance co. They do not have any regulations or requirements by law to have any grace period, its up to their own internal decisions.Always call and double check with your finance co. Ymmv
  7. My payment is due on the 19th. I even have a printout receipt that I made the payment on 6/18/16 but they didn't credit me till 6/21/16. I was livid and complained in awe to the supervisor. I had no idea this was happening. He said, "All auto manufacturers have this practice that the payment is credited when we receive funds not when payment is submitted." I can NOT believe they can do this legally. Can I fight this?!With Car payments you do not have the 30 day grace period as you do with credit cards or revolving accounts. Most car finance co will report a late when its not paid by the due date. Best thing is call the co if you're going to be late for anyreason so they note your account.
  8. I started working on my own credit about 10months ago and i have learned so much about finance and credit world from this forums. I have taken this as a hobby and so far i have helped my girlfriend, and cousins fix their credits. You can only dedicate few minutes to an hour a day or week so often and you can use this site as a credit google and you will learn so so much. Experience is the best teacher and its easier to learn or get help from people who have gone through the same problems and tribulations you are going through. Some of us here have similar life tribulations stories that helped us find this great forum and site.Finally foxing your own credit will teach you more than credit but how to also manage finances and the ins n outs of credit world. Gl
  9. Actuality i doubt it had to do with LN. Experian is curremtly deleting public records i.e tax liens if you dispute them no questions asked. I really hope Equifax follows that pattern too
  10. It will report as a closed account by the grantor and for some reason it stays as positive account on the credit report. Its also good for AAOA.
  11. I know pple shun CK but for some reason my TU scores from CK is the same as all my scores from myfico, CCT and the report is pretty accurate as far us updates. My EQ scores are 30 points off. Then again it's a free way to look at your reports and updates. Ck alerts way quicker than cctanf myfico.
  12. I guess they match it with the place they get their public info from. EQ is a pain when it comes to tax liens
  13. Equifax seems to verify liena by using SSN thats what one of their reps told me. They match ssn, address,name, and if any of those matches then its verified
  14. I happened to have had luck disputing foreclosure and got deletions from equifax and experian. Deletion helps with scores and it helps with credit approvals IMO and it does look that bad. I really dont care if it still remainspublic i am not going to buy another house for another 2 years.Immediate clean report is what matters to me right now
  15. DcU is easier but if you are in chex system they wont let you in

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