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  1. Now, see, I did not know that. Thanks for the insight. And I will still buy the car if I don't qualify for 0% as I have a reasonable (in my estimation, 6% is reasonable) rate with another lender. I was just wondering if scores as low as mine even had a legit shot before I go in there and feel embarrassed when they shoot me down for 0%. I KNOW there's no reason to be embarrassed. I am working through this in therapy etc., it's called AVPD.
  2. It's a 2015 Escape! And you're right - the price is fixed. Not worried about the payment, I budgeted for a much higher rate anyway. But the picture looks quite a bit rosier with a lower rate.
  3. I received an online preapproval from Ford, but it didn't show the interest rate. I also got preapproval from Chase (have current loan with Chase) at 6.02%, And Wells Fargo at like 13%. Well, today I called the Ford dealer to get the A-plan price for the car I'm looking at, and the salesman was able to see my preapproval. He said I was approved for top tier, 0%, 60 months with no money down (although I will be making a down payment). The thing is, about a year ago, three medical collections (smallish) appeared on my reports (working on those) along with a Comcast collection (they can
  4. I don't post much but hey, how are ya. I feel the same way. I started coming here several years ago and had little hope that I'd be able to dig myself out of the hole I'd dug. The steps were painfully slow at times, and I had to wonder what the point was. But I close on my new house at the end of this month, scores gone from the 575 range to over 720, I'm able to reflect on all the new habits I've acquired - good habits, including patience. It didn't feel like it at the time, but I've made a lot of progress and am a different person.
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