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  1. Every denial is like s tab in the heart, but I have to remember the consequences, and that it won't be like this forever. Definitely a lesson learned.
  2. PayPal Cashback Mastercard: Applied 3/2020 - DENIED US Bank Cash Back: Applied 3/2020 - Pending Citi Costco: Applied 3/2020 - DENIED Wells Fargo Rewards: Applied 3/2020 - Pending My ultimate goal is to get in with at least ONE major bank/credit union. Going to do another round in 30-60 days, and have my husband add me as an AU on his Discover.
  3. Hey CBers, I'm now diligently tracking my rebuilding process and this thread will help me keep track and hopefully help someone else. Bankruptcy Details Type: Ch 7 Filing Date: 06/02/2019 Discharge Date: 02/01/2020 Creditors IIB: Barclays, Capital One (Second Burning) Chase, Discover, Navy Federal Cards Since Filing Capital One Venture AU: $30,000 - 7/2019 Capital Platinum: Applied 2/2020 - DENIED Navy Federal MoreRewards: 3/2020 - DENIED Discover it Cash: Applied 3/2020 - DENIED Target Red Credit Card: Applied 3/2020 - Approved - $300 Amazon Prime Visa Signature (Targeted): Applied 3/2020 - Pending Approval Macy's Card (Might Be Macy's AMEX): Applied 3/2020 - Pending Approval Looking for some more BK friendly creditors to apply. I'll keep posting.
  4. Amex sent an "exclusive invitation" to apply for the Biz Plat. They're offering 150000 MR points when you spend $20000 in your first 3 months. Keep an eye out for your invite or give them a call.
  5. Has anyone experienced success with a PC for a barclays? I'm trying to PC my Apple Rewards to an Arrival+
  6. That's interesting. I might look into that myself. That's interesting. I might look into that myself. Hmmmm that's is very interesting. I'll be hunting for it.
  7. Thanks for that info. Spoke with the bank manager at Solidarity, who ran my name and social to make sure no new application were ran, and nothing came in on her end. She even checked with the IT department and nothing came up either. :shrug: Either way, I filed paper work and she'll be getting them to call the bureaus to remove the report.
  8. My overall DTI is a little under 30%, which is a great thing. So what I did was paid off the CareCredit, Discover, and Barclays with the PLOC. The payments I was making for those 3 cards will be directed to the Flagship to bring it down and pay it off while I pay the lower interest PLOC down. I called Chase and explained how the Slate wouldn't be beneficial since the limit was so low, and requested a PC, and got the only offer available was the Freedom Unlimited, (which was weird since I was pre approved for the Slate and Freedom when I applied, but I didn't complain since I have the Discover IT), so I PC'd to the Freedom Unlimited. I called Barclays three times to PC the Apple Rewards card to NO AVAIL!!!! Apparently, "co-branded cards have to stay with the company." I'll hold on to it now since I'll be needing an iPhone upgrade soon, but I will be coming for them with a vengeance after that. Overall, problem solved. Hopefully if anyone else runs into an issue similar this may give them a plan.
  9. I'm in the same space. I app'd for a slate and got approved, and wanted to go for the ink plus. When I submitted my app, I got the 7-10 days message, then received and email saying 30 days. Then got a denial letter in the mail, but the status line still says my application is still under review even after receiving the letter. Should I continue waiting or just got for the recon?
  10. Last companies I've applied for are chase, navy, and capital one. All those inquiries popped up already. Ive never heard of Kokomo or Solidarity.
  11. Just got a noticed from MyFICO about a new inquiry from Kokomo Post Office Credit Union. WTH?!! Never heard of them? Anybody else seen this? A Google search turned up a directory of credit unions but no page directly.
  12. From what you've listed, I don't believe what I was going to suggest, is possible. I'm not familiar, with the way LOCs work. Is that something you can use, to consolidate some of your debt? Interest rate? Maybe someone else can chime in on this. You really need to work on knocking out most of your debt. You should not go over 49% UT, on a single card. If I think of something to help, I will post... Good Luck. I've been considering using my LOC for my high interest cards that I couldn't get a rate decrease on. My LOC rate is lower than some of those cards. I'm still planning it all out, but your help has been great.
  13. That's why you're the real MVP. Keep our brains going.
  14. I've arranged my TLs from oldest to newest with current balances. CareCredit - $381/$1800 NFCU Flagship - $5381/$8500 (requested CLI a few days ago; denied) NFCU LOC - $0/ $15000 Discover IT - $854/$1300 (requested CLI a few days ago; denied; opened in June 2015) Barclays Apple Rewards - $2968/$5000 (12 mos. 0% ending in October) Capital One Plat - $0/$1000 (app'd a few days a go) Chase Slate - $0/$500 (app'd a few days ago)
  15. Last thing I want is another HP. Yes. It'll be my first Chase card. My wallet consists of: NFCU Flagship - $8500 NFCU LOC - $15000 Barclays Apple Rewards - $5000 Discover IT - $1300 Capital One Plat - $1000 CareCredit - $1800
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