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  1. Ok guys sorry for the delay but transunion took half the month verifying one account, anyway I disputed and they deleted my chapter 13 BK dismissed 6 months early it was due too fall off in april.
  2. Elite711 if you disputed online just recently already, you have too wait another 30 days too dispute online again for Transunion. Im waiting until Nov 3 too dispute the last 3 baddies on my Transunion credit report and hopefully get my theses baddies due too come off in april Patience is a virtue
  3. Mines were all OC, I have no CA on my reports, I got them deleted over a year ago !
  4. I will not be sure until I actually try again and dispute online Nov 1 or I may even wait till Nov 3 on that monday before I go too work. I have 2 baddies and a BK13 Dismisssed. I will update ! What is exactly 6 months for Transunion I cant determine
  5. I had the exact same experience thanks too credit boards over a month ago. I disputed online @ exactly 6 months from fall off date on Transunion and 6 badies was deleted within 48hrs. Im waiting until Nov 1 or at least too for Bk due too fall off april of 2015 I will update results. Im triing too be patient but I want too pull the trigger now and dispute lol
  6. Congrats its nothing like rebuilding your credit and getting approvals for your hard work !

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