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  1. I had a great experience with NFCU if you could get in with them. Process was smooth and painless and with better rate than any broker could get. Only pulled during qualifying they didn't even SP at closing. Best part of CU is obviously the lower rates but also if it's a portfolio loan (NFCU) the loans won't be sold off which was important to me.
  2. Which is why lay low is strongly suggested. Or we can poke the hell out of the bear then wonder why it bit us..
  3. Oh, forgot to mention.. How many HPs do you have? Aggressive credit seeking? With a fairly new late pay this would also be a flag/issue.
  4. The recent late payment is def holding you back. What other derogs you have on your reports? Your scores are pretty low for only having 1 30 day late from 12 months ago. With your BofA card they likely won't unsecure because of the late payment which was with them. With the savings why not try to up that limit or open another secured card with a higher limit? After a couple years distance from the late pay you may start getting better luck. Have you tried Barclays yet? I imagine you may get over 1,000-1500. Maybe apply next month (12 full months from late payment)
  5. I.. I have not. Tried once, wanted to gouge my own eyes out. Such random posts totally irrelevant to anything and the ponies.. So many ponies.
  6. It's handy so you can view when things come off (or on). Really up to you though.
  7. Did you recon the rewards app? They did issue you one card may have had a shot in recon.
  8. Actually all Synch/GE furniture cards, like care credit will result in a HP.
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