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  1. Same thing is happening to me with TU...I've called and spoken to no less than 8 reps all assuring me the address is deleted yet it still is there. I'm going on a couple years of this runaround now with a different explanation of why it is reporting, but none of them actually tie out...
  2. I used miles twice on the same purchase...by accident. I thought the first purchase eraser didn't go through the first time since I saw that it was the only purchase available for purchase eraser. Turns out the option is there for a month since you can use the purchase eraser for any travel purchases within "the last thirty days". I was annoyed in a way, because I would have used my card to make another payment on my upcoming vacation, then used purchase eraser to get rid of the charge. It's not the end of the world-but not ideal if you're NOT trying to use it in that manner.
  3. Finally got my welcome letter in the mail...approved for $10k...guess it's time to close credit one and Merrick!
  4. Applied for venture after getting approved for venture one and quicksilver about a month ago...got the 7-10 days(same with the other two) faxed in verification of identity. Called a couple times but they said it was still pending. Called Friday and was told I was approved, but the csr said they couldn't see my limit yet. Called again last night and got the same answer...guess I'll wait for the letter or email!
  5. So....I was approved for the quicksilver(1k) and ventureONE (3k)....do you guys suggest waiting about 6 months for those to age before attempting the Venture? I got my bf approved for it last night(10k) but he had 3 cap 1 cards prior to his approval. I am about a year out of bankruptcy and couldn't even get cap1 to pull my credit up until this month.
  6. Unfortunately we don't....experian removed the estimated fall off dates when they marked the accounts as disputed I'd have to check equifax again to see if there is one listed
  7. The one page application they sent has Barclaycard all over it and was dated 4/2/2013(they may have just been when they printed it though-I'm not sure)
  8. The Juniper account number does match....the date on the computerized application has a dob off by about 10 years and completely wrong day and month...the income listed was not correct on the application and the date of the application does not match what Midland put in their letter stating the origination date
  9. The dofd is I believe 2008 on Barclays....there was just a page from what a normal statement would be(the payment stub you would detach and send in) the application was not signed at all and both had Juniper bank on them(I understand that Barclays used to be Juniper)
  10. Perfect...that's what I was thinking but didn't want to go that route unless I got a little more advice...thank you!
  11. My bf has a collection on his report from Midland Funding. It's from an old Barlcays charge-off. He disputed the Midland account to have them validate the dofd because it looks to have changed and also didn't match the only from Barclays. They sent a letter asking for HIS help to solve the dispute(yeah ok) and sent a copy of an old bill( not a statement) and a copy of the supposed application he filled out when he applied back in 2007. The "application" has the completely wrong birthdate on it...wrong year wrong month wrong day...what should his next step be? It's beyond the sol and they even state they will not sue him for it...any info would be appreciated!
  12. I have Synchrony Bank accounts reporting as iib but have co as the status in the payment history(only on Experian)....ironic that they report is as Charge Off the same month I filed(keep in mind I filed on 3/3)...
  13. Glad to know they are willing to take customers back! I included Kohl's and Target in my Chapter 7(filed 3/3/14...discharged 6/5/14) so I will be looking into them again in the next couple of months. Thank you for the information and congrats again on your successes!
  14. Congrats!! Just curious, did you include Kohl's or Target in your bankruptcy?
  15. This happened with me on an old Macy's card I paid off and closed years ago. I contacted Macy's and Experian and to this day both counts are still reporting and neither one will change it so I've left it alone, since it's not hurting me(both showing as positive lines as well)

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