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  1. My tenants rights organization actually invited me up there to give a presentation on how to clean up credit reports. I told them to go ahead and get the paper reports in-hand before I will even book a train ticket. 😉
  2. For my senior design project my group (my group == me) used the FastLED library and a Teensy 4.0 to make music reactive LED strips. The input music signal came through a 3.5mm audio jack and we used analog filters to isolate (or at least try to) low mid and tweet frequencies. Those 3 signals were passed through an op-amp and sent into the Teensy where our C code translated the low, mid, and tweet onto the 3 respective LED strips. Here is the block diagram Due to being a transfer student, I wasn't able to really focus on a specific discipline because I was busy catching up on engineering classes, so no control theory. I also prioritized taking things that were interesting to me in terms of tech electives so I took a mechE class, and a few astronomy classes in addition to my required EE tech electives.
  3. The emergency notification stuff is what I was really interested in at my internship (it was programming using flip-flops, NAND gates, etc...). However, they dont allow college students to touch those sorts of things that can literally bring the entire plant down. Oddly enough, the ChemE's are generally the ones who work the "controls", as they like to call it.
  4. Interesting point. Thanks for the advice. So I'm 37 years old, and I have a strong blue collar background...receiving, welder/mechanic at an electric motor repair shop. Also have significant leadership experience. Wanting to stay close to my blue collar roots, I took some power classes. I've interned at a chemical refinery (think of an oil refinery) for 1 semester and a summer. They have their own power grid that connects to the main grid but also they have several steam generators. I really enjoyed the ability to get out in the field and "sort of" get my hands dirty. I'm looking at Ameren, Excelon, and and pretty much any company that generates it's own power. Alternatively, I'm REALLY into linux and low level coding (C language) but not sure of I want to do that as a job. I would be open to it if I had access to some sort of field work. I dont want to be in an air conditioned office all day. Additionally have a child on the way for the first time in my life. My SO already has two, so that locks us into staying in central IL because their dad lives here. I've got a lot to think about in these upcoming months.
  5. Supposed to graduate Dec 2020, but covid forced my employer to cancel my summer 2020 internship. Only had 2 classes left so just took those online. I'm finally done after 5 years! GPA is a hair above a B+, and it feels great! But now I need to get a job at a time that may prove difficult. University of IL @ Urbana-Champaign Electrical Engineering
  6. Oh ok. Yeah I still have the full $3,000 deposit with a $3,300 CL. I'll try calling them.
  7. Unsecuring after a year? Since when? I've had mine since 2015 and it's not unsecured.
  8. Is this for a college level class? If so what college and what class (the actual class number)?
  9. You should be able to up your deposit. I maxed out my deposit to $3,000 a month or two before I knew I was gonna apply for other cards. If they still allow you to add to your deposit, I would just put in the minimum so you still have your cash for bills, and then add more later on. This actually reminds me, I should probably get my $3,000 back. They have held it hostage since 2015.....this is my oldest TL.
  10. Everything at HF is already so cheap that 5% doesn't matter. Doubt I would buy a tool that costs over $99.99 from them anyway.
  11. I'm not sure about how it would help over a specific six month window. I'm usually focused on the long run. 70 points in 6 months with derogatory marks remaining on your report seems like a pretty tall order.
  12. I'd like to offer an alternative viewpoint. When I was starting my rebuild, I didn't bother to let a small balance report. The benefit of that can be minimal in your situation, and if you forget to pay by the due date you're out some ridiculous fee and may get another late. I'd just pay in full and avoid the micromanaging. Once you're reports are clear you can do the micromanaging thing. I eventually gave up on that too because micromanaging 20 some CC accounts is pretty annoying.
  13. Just as a quick DP, I had a goodwill letter work on the first try with a collection agency. I addressed directly to the CEO. It was for 2 collections that were paid off about 6 months prior.
  14. CMI-LAS 5000 points +$5.60 LAS-HOU $65 IAH-CMI 5000 points +$5.60 All flights have decent layover in DFW for centurion access. CMI-ANYWHERE (and vice versa) never drops below $300. I'm extremely happy with the value that I get for AA miles out of CMI.
  15. Doing homework. One year left. It's terrible. I hate it. The orange "I" should explain enough. I did build most of a computer controlled chessboard though.

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