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  1. I called the branch to see if they had the 100k offer. The manager said they do, so I went in. Then, the lady couldn't find the CSP in the app system?!?! She called CC technical support. Tech support said if I have applied for the CSP before (2015), their system won't allow you to apply in-branch. At this point my head is spinning. I don't under stand how this is even possible. Keep in mind, I AM able to apply for CSP online (60,000 SUB), just not in-branch. So manager says to apply online and he will notate the account to credit the extra points, but there are no guarantees. I ended
  2. SERIOUSLY CHASE?!?!?! CSP sign up is back to 60k points.................... I woke up at 5am to apply.........
  3. I PC'd my CSP to Freedom Flex last night. The new card number and new graphic is already showing up in my chase login. How long should I wait to apply for new CSP? One writeup I read said to wait till the graphic changed in your login, but they said it would take about 10 days. Also, I have an invitation to apply for Amex Plat with 125k signup bonus. I've already had and closed a Plat a few years ago. I breezed through the fine print looking for lifetime language, and didn't find any. I also meticulously looked through the marketing material (easier to do than fine print) and
  4. We received Experian today. Every single account that was included in BK is reporting individually. Aren't they supposed to be removed, and only the BK should show? NOTE: There is a comment in all of the accounts that says "Included in BK", and there is one account that says "Petition filed for BK".
  5. You say the "debt", but there is no debt. This was paid off way before the BK was even filed. Not trying to disagree, just trying to understand.
  6. My friend is just under 1 year after BK discharge. On September 4th a collection showed up on report. The debt is $79 with $0 owed. Shows as 5 years and 1 month old. We went back and looked at BK paperwork, and this account is not listed under the BK. Again, $0 owed, so not sure if we even could have included it?? Not really sure what prompted this all of a sudden. It is an old trash bill I'm told. How do we handle this? Just a normal dispute? Paper reports are on their way already.
  7. I PC'd a Citibank AA card to the no AF AA card. They wouldn't allow me to change out of the AA family.
  8. Not the most relevant data point, but..... I had 6 student loans that I never made a payment on in my life. All 6 were in good standing with no lates. I paid all 6 off at once, and took 25 point increase(approximately). These were the only 6 installment loans that were on my report.
  9. Reported inquiries? Are you sure about that? I thought 5/24 applies to new CC accounts in the last 24 months? I understand I'm in the clear for the SUB. It's the 5/24 requirement that needs to be met. This sounds like a good plan. Hopefully the 100k deal is still around...
  10. By the way, when does the 24 month clock start? Upon approval or 1st payment due date/statement? CK says my account is 1 yr 11 months old, but the green checkmark table only shows 22 check marks.
  11. Ah yes. I been out the game for too long. Forgot about the PC angle. If I remember correctly, one CAN have two Freedom's, correct? Maxing Freedoms are pretty easy. Thanks!
  12. I've had a CSP since 4/28/2015. Now there is this 100k signup bonus. Can I just cancel my current CSP today, and apply for new one next week? Technically, I'm not below 5/24 until next month.
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