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  1. https://www.courant.com/hc-xpm-2012-04-09-hc-bottom-line-best-buy-returns-20120409-story.html I forgot what I was searching for at the time, but I came upon this article. I wonder if this falls under the whole thing about having a right to 1 free report per year. I think it does since this company makes money from stockpiling information about consumers. When I get some time I plan on sending a request for a free report. I'll report back...
  2. Seek out any atty and they will guide you to the correct jurisdiction.
  3. Oh wait. Carter Young is the CA. Can you PM me the landlord company?
  4. If something illegal has taken place, a good starting point is to file a police report. What is required to file a police report? Evidence. Can you get copies of the lease agreement? Without knowing anything other than that you have a collection on your report, you don't have much to argue. Is it possible that your 19 year old son is the one who committed the forgery? Hopefully not, but if the police get involved, that is something that I would want to know. I think step 1 is to get the paperwork. I specialize in tenant-landlord issues and I will see what I can find on Carter-Young.
  5. I bet I have the loudest ball bearing wheel on my suitcase in all of the US! It's beyond warranty so what am I gonna do?
  6. pwd847

    The Master Travel Redemptions Thread

    British Airways miles flying on AA metal. 15000 miles LIT-DFW-CMI. $278 flight BA really pissed me off this time. I called Hong Kong CSR and was told no availability. AA.com showed availability and Qantas showed as well. This guy didn't even ask if it was one way or anything. I kinda wonder if he was just lazy. He tried to tell me that calling Hong Kong from the USA wouldn't work or something. I didn't let that fly. Next called Singapore. The lady was very nice but she only had really weird availability. I ended up booking a day earlier than I wanted to. The next day I called United Kingdom and she was super nice and very helpful. She had to put me on hold a bunch of times, but we got my flight switched over to the day I wanted, but still did not get the layover that I wanted at DFW. Oh well. It'll be really nice to fly straight to CMI instead of Chicago and then getting on a bus or a train. I don't understand why booking AA flights via BA is so incredibly difficult. Oh yeah, I spent about $2.00 on international calls via Google Voice. (1st time making international calls)
  7. pwd847

    Purchasing my first NEW mattress.

    Everything fell into place as I had hoped. Portal CB tracked for around $21. The amazon.com listing dropped from $249 to $209. I filed a Citi Price Rewind and it was just approved today for a $90 statement credit. Total cost after CB and statement credit is $188.99 I'm pretty happy with the outcome of this!
  8. pwd847

    M$ speed bumps

    So CC security is backend 3rd party stuff. Bank acct stuff is in-house. I just got off the phone with her and we are trying to come up with a slick way to bring up (with the in-house compliance dept) why MO's cause red flags, how the offenders are identified, and how to avoid shutdown. I was surprised to find out the compliance dept is only 3 people.
  9. pwd847

    M$ speed bumps

    I am dating a woman who is head of her CU CC dept. These local CU's (and her's is rather large), pay another company to handle IT, CC services, and backend fraud stuff. The sway that a local employee may have on a security concern is rather minimal. PSCU is the backend company. They are a bunch of airheads with a crappy website. It was funny cause when I met her we both got off on talking about CC's. She was amazed I knew what a BIN is.
  10. pwd847

    The Master Travel Redemptions Thread

    I'm looking for a LIT-ORD/MDW/CMI flight (I actually live in Champaign, IL). Avios.com shows no availability, however AlaskaAirlines shows an AA non-stop saver flight from LIT-ORD for 12.5k miles. If I call in to Avios is it likely that they will be able to see this flight? I would like to get the 7.5k rate... Is 12.5k not a saver fare? Another option: I can book an AA LIT-DFW-CMI for 12.5k on AA website, but is there a way around the $80 close in fee? Iberia maybe? This mileage calculator say it's 996 miles so 12k avios. Also can I book a one way flight on Iberia? I don't see why not, but the chart says the listed prices are for RT. Thoughts?
  11. Old man just got on the bus. The driver originally turned him away because he had a soda in his hand. Man says ok, steps off the bus takes two large gulps of what seemed to be watermelon drink, and then tossed the styrofoam cup into the parking lot and got on the bus. If I was the bus driver, I would have closed the doors and drove away...
  12. pwd847

    Only 4 left. My credit journey.

    Got Amex Mercedes Plat a few weeks ago.
  13. pwd847

    M$ speed bumps

    Autodrain debit is a thing?
  14. When us co-ops go out to lunch on fridays, we have a 7 minute rule. I came up with this rule because the other 2 clowns were willing to sit around and wait 20 mins for the 4th guy. Not on my watch.
  15. pwd847

    Purchasing my first NEW mattress.

    What about a mattress pad? Is that what you call the thing that protects a mattress? I don't know nothin about bedding. Should I get waterproof? I have this Kohls credit that I want to use up, but if there is something better at another store I am not opposed to that.

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