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  1. CMI-LAS 5000 points +$5.60 LAS-HOU $65 IAH-CMI 5000 points +$5.60 All flights have decent layover in DFW for centurion access. CMI-ANYWHERE (and vice versa) never drops below $300. I'm extremely happy with the value that I get for AA miles out of CMI.
  2. Doing homework. One year left. It's terrible. I hate it. The orange "I" should explain enough. I did build most of a computer controlled chessboard though.
  3. DoubleCash, Discover, Freedom
  4. Got denied for the Rakuten (Ebates) CC due to too many recent credit requests. This is my first denial in a long time.
  5. Oh boy....You can "like" posts now? I suppose we need to draw in the younger crowd....
  6. The freedom is still sitting at $1000. Chase won't budge as I've maxed it several times. On another note, I hit $50,000 CL with Discover today! 3-4 years ago I had a $500 secured Discover card. Crazy how this stuff works, but that's not why I'm here. WARNING To get up to the $50k (from $48k), an UW had to call me to verify some info. Kinda spooked me since I'm only a summer intern making an extrapolated "pretty high salary." I think I'll just sit at $50k and back off on the CL increase requests for now until I graduate.
  7. There is a link in my signature for removing addresses from EXP. Might be the same one CV posted.
  8. Mad Men. Women, liquor, and the occasional handshake.
  9. Leaving today. Tipped pretty consistently. I think I was the worker's favorite hotel guest. I would say I received the best service as a result of this. Food is absolutely the worst ever. The breakfast isn't even edible. With the exception of the "reservation only" dinner restaurants. Had a TON of guys try to sell me coke, and marijuana off of the resort property. Took ferry to Cozumel. Not a whole lot to do there unless you pay for a car, or tour, or something. Don't do a reef snorkel trip because it is quite a disappointment. My g/f haggled for the first time (for the reef snorkel trip) in her life, so I'm pretty happy with her. I actually put my Spanish to use a little bit. That was pretty cool. I have a bunch of what I believe to be sand flea bites. They really suck, but they are starting to go away. I think my blood alcohol level is 100%, so it'll be nice to come back down to earth. There were BARELY any Americans at this property. Would I come back? Eh, I dunno. The food is so bad I don't really want to mess with this again. My g/f wants to try an adults-only property. Those seem to be more difficult to find award flights to though.
  10. I'm going to UofI Champaign-Urbana now so Indy aint that far. Indy was also cheaper, and we'll get $56 in credit at some bar. Maybe I should change my signature to "Danger is my middle name."
  11. I actually started doing that immediately after making this post. Looks like I get free texts, and 2G data. YUCK!
  12. First of all, it's been awhile since I've been here, and I was just thinking that I wouldn't be going on this trip with my g/f if it wasn't for the helpful and friendly people here at CreditBoards.com. So thank you for all that you have helped me with. The education I received here has been helpful in so many more ways than just in terms of my credit. Learning to M$ has really helped my social skills when out in public, and on the phone with CSR's. I appreciate ya! IND-CUN Dec 29 CUN-IND Jan 5 Staying @ Viva Wyndham Azteca in Playa Del Carmen 1) I applied for Global Entry and unfortunately was denied. I had some scuffles with the law awhile back, however, my g/f was approved so hopefully when I fly with her around the U.S I get free PreCheck! 2) Looks like Southwest Airlines operates out of Terminal 4 at CUN, but there is no Amex/'Priority Pass' Lounge there. Is there a way to get to a lounge in a different terminal? Doesn't look like there is... 3) My g/f sat me down and explained that she will have 0 tolerance for leaving the hotel zone. She goes on these Gov't websites and looks at travel advisories or something and supposedly Mexico is dangerous. Not happy about this at all. Are we missing out on much? 4)On the topic of all-inclusive resorts, are they really all-inclusive? I know there are excursions such as horseback riding, and Mayan ruin tours that can cost extra, but the food and liquor, and all that is free? a) On the website it says that this place really is all inclusive and that all tips are included. Is this true? I don't have to tip the bartender? Also I heard that room service is 24 hours and free? 5) I suppose this depends on the resort, but are there drink servers who will come serve us on the beach? 6) I heard the food is decent, at best, are there local restaurants that you guys would suggest within the hotel zone? I prefer more local type hole in the wall places. Also while I'm in Mexico, I'm trying to eat Mexican food and seafood, not Italian, or Greek. 7) Is there anything I should pack that I wouldn't think of? 9) (skipped to 9 because 8 give me this 😎) I already read online that CUN has no wifi and almost no power outlets. 10) I have all these premium CC's with concierge service, should I be using them for anything? 11) After our arrival to CUN, we plan on taking the (cheaper) ADO bus to Playa. ADO is supposed to have wifi. 12) What should you never get an electrical engineer for his birthday? Shorts
  13. https://www.courant.com/hc-xpm-2012-04-09-hc-bottom-line-best-buy-returns-20120409-story.html I forgot what I was searching for at the time, but I came upon this article. I wonder if this falls under the whole thing about having a right to 1 free report per year. I think it does since this company makes money from stockpiling information about consumers. When I get some time I plan on sending a request for a free report. I'll report back...
  14. Seek out any atty and they will guide you to the correct jurisdiction.

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