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  1. Just asking questions out of curiosity. I doubt there is anything for me to disagree with on this identity report.
  2. I figured the title would get a few hits.... I actually haven't yet received my results. I was just curious if anyone has ever disputed this. Was very interested in the techniques that were used. For example, If a "Please verify this is me." dispute is a valid one, then it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. However, I'm extremely confident that would not yield any results. Based on some of the information I have read, the main difference between an FBI dispute and a CRA dispute, is that the FBI dispute requires documentation and proof stating your case. The CRA dispute does not. I also wonder if you can be charged with perjury for lying in your dispute. Me: But this isn't me! FBI Man: Yes it's you. Me: I swear it isn't! FBI Man: Give me your right hand. Me: Sighs....and turns around and leaves.....
  3. Has anyone disputed their FBI Identity records? I'm curious because I need to pull my file so I can maybe be approved for Global Entry. There is a process listed on the FBI website to dispute information, but it's not as easy as saying, "This isn't me.", or "I dispute this. Please make sure the information listed is correct."
  4. Does Cap1 base bonus on posted date or purchase date? If you click on the charge after it posts, it lists the purchase date. The post date is obviously the date that the charge it categorized under.
  5. Accepted the HP and hit up Barclays for a CLI. Aviator Red current CL was $10,000 The website asked how much ADDITIONAL credit requested. I put $20,000. My understanding is that I was requesting a total of $30,000. Request was put in late on a Friday night. Given total of $25,000 CL on Saturday morning. Really happy about this. Now I can put more than one Simon Volume order on this card. AA gold here I come!
  6. Didn't mean to post in the news forum. My bad.
  7. I priced out a CMI-ORD award on AA and it was 7500 miles per segment. So I went over to Iberia and it priced out the same. That flight is only about 200 miles RT... I looked up their award chart and it still says 6000 miles for 1-650 miles. What's the deal?
  8. Get ready to spend 28 1/2 hours trying to understand the 12 different reports they are going to send you.
  9. So we actually don't know where the BK hearing was held, since it was during covid it was all over the phone. Pulled the paperwork we have and the location isn't listed anywhere. Called the attorney and got that info. Will dispute this via mail later today. Tidewater Motor Credit says account is in good standing. They are looking into the misreporting issue. Plan on doing an online dispute with CRA's later today just in case Tidewater doesn't do anything about it. I found out there are some medical charge off accounts so I'll pause on this thread and start WhyChat's process after these issues are confirmed closed.
  10. What is HOGAN? Yes, very aware of this. We just want things to be correct. We went back through some old mail, and can't find any notices. She never received any phone calls. There is almost no information like this is the TL. I looked for charge off amount. Also, yesterday I noticed on 1 of 3 reports, it is a positive TL. We will contact Tidewater today, and probably dispute as a next step. Yes aware of this as well. I was just curious if she already has a recent BK, would it even hurt her that much if she lost a few positive TL's? Keep in mind she has plenty of other positive TL's left over, and the BK will be around for a long time. Anyway, thanks for the reply. I think I know how to move forward for these first couple of steps.
  11. First of all, this isn't for me, it's actually for my girlfriend. Have all 3 paper reports in hand. They are VEEEEEERRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY long. There are multiple positive reporting accounts, and multiple negative reporting accounts. There is a recent BK. Due to the length of these reports, I'm having a very hard time understanding everything in them. I'm just starting out with some accounts that look familiar to me. 3 questions: BK shows up with the address of one court on two of the reports. The third report shows a completely different address (different county in IL). Should we go pull the court records first to see what is correct, or just send out "I don't recognize" disputes? Also the attorney name is misspelled on one or two of them. A somewhat recent auto loan(Tidewater Credit) that ocurred after the BK shows as charged off. We traded in the vehicle to a dealer and the dealer was supposed to pay off the loan. Should we call Tidewater and ask what the deal is? I'm not sure if we want to identify ourselves to them, although since it's supposedly charged off I don't think it would hurt. I know that deleting addresses up front before disputing can sometimes be helpful. She has numerous positive, and negative accounts attached to these old addresses. My thought is, if we remove the old addresses and that leads to positive and negative accounts being removed, who cares? She already has a BK, and some positive accounts linked to our last 2 addresses that won't disappear. Should we just clean out her old addresses? Thanks
  12. I called the branch to see if they had the 100k offer. The manager said they do, so I went in. Then, the lady couldn't find the CSP in the app system?!?! She called CC technical support. Tech support said if I have applied for the CSP before (2015), their system won't allow you to apply in-branch. At this point my head is spinning. I don't under stand how this is even possible. Keep in mind, I AM able to apply for CSP online (60,000 SUB), just not in-branch. So manager says to apply online and he will notate the account to credit the extra points, but there are no guarantees. I ended up doing it. Also told him I'll take 9,500 points in lieu of waived $95 AF for first year. Not super happy about this, but it is what it is...
  13. SERIOUSLY CHASE?!?!?! CSP sign up is back to 60k points.................... I woke up at 5am to apply.........
  14. I PC'd my CSP to Freedom Flex last night. The new card number and new graphic is already showing up in my chase login. How long should I wait to apply for new CSP? One writeup I read said to wait till the graphic changed in your login, but they said it would take about 10 days. Also, I have an invitation to apply for Amex Plat with 125k signup bonus. I've already had and closed a Plat a few years ago. I breezed through the fine print looking for lifetime language, and didn't find any. I also meticulously looked through the marketing material (easier to do than fine print) and didn't find any. Where do they generally put the lifetime language?
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