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  1. By the way, when does the 24 month clock start? Upon approval or 1st payment due date/statement? CK says my account is 1 yr 11 months old, but the green checkmark table only shows 22 check marks.
  2. Ah yes. I been out the game for too long. Forgot about the PC angle. If I remember correctly, one CAN have two Freedom's, correct? Maxing Freedoms are pretty easy. Thanks!
  3. I've had a CSP since 4/28/2015. Now there is this 100k signup bonus. Can I just cancel my current CSP today, and apply for new one next week? Technically, I'm not below 5/24 until next month.
  4. See my signature for a list. BOA can be pickier than others. Discover would be a good first choice, then wait 3 months and go for BOA.
  5. Please do explain. Is it because everyone else is buying cars?
  6. Citi will tell you if it is HP or SP before they do it. Just read the fine print under the submit button.
  7. $20,000 easily I've got a $50,000 Discover with my income listed as $62,000 ( I probably should update that).
  8. I wonder if when the account is reported is related to the payment due date?
  9. I'm due to close on a house soon. I also need a car ASAP. I'm closing with Guaranteed Rate Bank (and I don't suggest anyone else give them your business...They are horrible). My thought process is, if I finance the car before the mortgage hits my reports, I may get a better rate. I assume the answer to this is lender dependent. I'm willing to close on the house, and then immediately jump in the car to go buy another car same-day if need be. Real (not fake) mortgage FICO is 760-780. Looking to finance car with PenFed or a local CU. Thanks
  10. I will be ripping up flooring tile and replacing with laminate soon. Anyone have a suggestion for a good forum to ask questions about this? I did some searching, and none of the forums I found are very active. I was looking for flooring forums, but maybe I need to be more general and look for housing DIY forums?
  11. These links apply to the state of Illinois. I just found this. What a fantastic deal! https://www.ihdamortgage.org/smartbuy List of all Illinois programs. https://www.ihdamortgage.org/program-directory Lesson learned: Take a few minutes to do some research. It's free! Never know what you might find!
  12. I don't think leasing would work since she commutes about 25 miles, and I will begin commuting 35 miles on Jan 4th. Additionally (this sort of came out of the blue), I put an offer on a house due to finding this. My offer has been accepted. So now it looks like my focus is elsewhere. I'll resume my car search in a couple months. Apparently, I am able to get financed with a job offer letter, and transcripts showing that I've been in school for the last two years (as long as the job is in the field that the schooling was for).
  13. The whole reason I always bought with cash is because I despise paying interest. I hope to have the car paid off in under 36 months. We are shopping in the $27k-$33k range.
  14. For the last 20 years, I bought my cars with cash. This will change in 2021. I'm finally settling down with my girlfriend and her 2 boys, and we have a daughter on the way. I recently graduated with an engineering degree and received a job offer yesterday. All of this means that we need a different car. I have never financed a car before. I expect to start work in Jan 2021, so I won't have any pay-stubs for awhile yet, but I do have an employment offer letter. We will need this car by March 2021. I have FICO 8's in the 760 range (scores are from Discover, and Amex
  15. Due to this post, and the research the OP has done on the topic, I would suggest keeping small dollar amounts in the Chime spending/secured account.
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