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  1. In March 2021 I made a purchase. items delivered OCT 2021. The Auth hold is still there(never posted or settled). Do I have any recourse? $611
  2. Discover is usually who I push people to first when talking about a secured CC. Their secured version of the Discover IT offers rewards. I think BoA may offer 3/2/1 rewards as well. SDFCU doesn't do a credit check for their card. Although it's possible some other chexsystems or lexis nexis type of alternative report MAY prevent you from being approved.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I have a stack of cards to choose from, so I was able to bring about 4 cards w/no FTFs.
  4. So the above picture is an Australian making a purchase in the US. To avoid DCC you would select NO?
  5. What's the trigger for them? Paying for something in another currency? Or geographically being outside the USA? Either? I'm traveling to Zilara in Jamaica and thought of this.
  6. Will Barclays post AA miles early if I call and ask them too? I know Amex does this sort of thing. I have $2k that will post tomorrow that I need to make AA Plat by OCT 4, 2022.
  7. One time I had a 30 day late on a CAP1 card. It was an AF on their secured card. I paid it, and called to talk to someone. They said that since it was the AF, and not something that I bought, they would remove the 30 day late. They were telling the truth.
  8. I started at $500 secured and now I'm at $50,000 unsecured. I kept hitting the CLI button for about 1.5 to 2 years. Haven't hit that button in over a year.
  9. When it gets old, install GalliumOS on it.
  10. I'd use the opportunity to force them into cutting a deal with me. I refer them to 2 different cards that they'd get approved for.
  11. I should have said, "No additional HP!"
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