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  1. See that's why I ask you guys ! To keep me from doing something stupid!
  2. So I should try to get more cards? Seems counter intuitive at this point.
  3. Maybe I should just relax and let what I have age before getting any more. Or maybe a credit builder loan from a C.U. ? Would an installment loan do much for me at this early stage of the game?
  4. Noooooooooooooo! There is absolutely no need for you to pay anything to get trade lines you can even actually use. Oh, and I just now see you have a Chase card. I missed that. Chase is prime. No sense to go back to the credit slums with a paid crappy tradelines. Worst case scenario, get another secured card that will graduate. Try a CapOne card for "average" credit. Anything but the jewellersclub.com scam. It's been a while since I've started out so I'm not the right person to give you start-up strategy, but there are many here who are experts on that. Start a thread asking for d
  5. Seems like sound advice ! Thanks oh and does anyone have any experience with my jewellersclub.com ? For $99.00 you supposedly get a $5000.00 limit and they report to the big 3 CRAS. Just buy an overpriced trinket here and there. Instant credit score bump.
  6. Do you have any other open trade lines? If you don't I would at least get another one perhaps the quicksilver. Let it age 6 months along with your new Freedom card and then apply. No those two are all I have. I've been cash and carry for 9 years. Now I reluctantly need credit again.
  7. Ok so let's be serious for a few moments... Dcu fico 698 at the beginning of February...(comes free with the secured card).....703 on both scores at CK Monday of this week. .... $52k income.... dcu card is 10 months old $400.00 limit ....... Approved last week for $1200.00 Chase freedom. Should I apply for this card? Been working hard to fix my credit for almost a year now. No baddies. I don't want to screw up my hard work. What do you all think ? To app or not to app that is the question!
  8. Lol thanks mom I have never heard of a scoring "bucket". I do know that I applied for a chase freedom card today and was instantly approved! It's only $1200.00 but considering where I was in April of 2014 I think I'm doing GREAT!
  9. Oh and awwww Tater I'll be your valentine. LOL
  10. I am at a loss for could have possibly caused this. I certainly didn't apply for any credit as I and a credit repair company are working on my credit.
  11. What the What???? By the agreement from the last negative on my report. They removed the neg from Equifax but not from Transunion. Transunion score went up 1 lousy point but..... equifax went down 51 points. what the heck happened?
  12. Don't be afraid of those punks !! I talked to many of them, they tried to threaten me(thinly veiled) and everything else under the sun. One guy sounded very threatening said you are gonna pay this. LOL I said well if you want to come take it from this 6'3" 230lb. former Marine, you come on down you have my address!! he hung up LOL I did wind up sending daily emails all the way up to the president of the company and he responded "We WILL take the pay to delete" the next day it was done.I think basically they spent so much time dealing with me they were on edge and probably losing money..
  13. Howdy folks! It has been a long time since I posted here because there hasn't been much movement on my side but I am excited to tell you all my hard work has finally paid off!!! This past week I got the only negative on my report to send a pay to delete ! I paid and now will reap the rewards in 30-45 days. My FICO is up from 618 to 692 since april and I believe it go well over 700 when the pay to delete hits ! All in less than 1 year! DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! Remember the immortal words from "The waterboy" YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!
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