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  1. was finally approved. enjoy the free $50 stroked and thanks
  2. I apologize but I hadn't had time to reply but I have already found someone. But yes through the month of april if someone signs up with your access id you both recieve $50 for them becoming a member.
  3. I am an ex military member of 6 years and was a member of NFCU for over 8 years and that still wasnt enough to qualify me for my own account. They have strange application requirements but seem to be lenient with loopholes. I have no problem with you mocking - it is the internet after all and it is your time to do with what you want
  4. im on my phone ill just wait for them to contact me or until i get home
  5. well it wont let me click his name lol
  6. ok sorry im at work and dont have time to check but cant see how to send you a private message call me dumb.
  7. ill send ya a private message stroke and we can exchange info
  8. I am very interested in this but need an access ID. They did state the $50 referral bonus so if anybody is interested lemme know.
  9. Looking to open an account so that I may deposit 1000 for a secure credit card. Needing an access number to associate with so that I may apply for an account. We both receive $50 for me signing up. I encourage you to call and validate what I am stating with NFCU yourself. First come first serve.

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