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  1. I have been thinking about this lately. As long as they have fixed rules, reverse engineering can be done. You just track score changes as single variables are changed (Science!). Its a big project, but a community like this could get it done.
  2. Briefly: The dispute was done in December 2009 through either Mint of Freecreditreport.com. I don't have the Experian response, but the credit report recorded the dispute. I checked FCRA § 611 (15 U.S.C. § 1681I) PROCEDURE IN CASE OF DISPUTED ACCURACY, to see if I can do a procedural request on a verification from almost 5 years ago, but I can't tell if this is allowed. Does anyone know? Is it a good idea to send this letter? 05/25/2014 Experian NCAC P.O. Box 2002 Allen TX 75013 Re: Name Address Social Security Number: XX-XXX-XXXX Credit Report #: XXXX-XXXX-XX Dear Experian: I received your response to information I disputed on my credit report in December of 2009. I disputed the following information as not late: Account 30 days past due for the following months: Oct/2007, Apr/2008, May/2008, Jun/2008, Sep/2008, Oct/2008 You have verified this information as accurate; therefore, I am requesting a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information per FCRA Section 611(a)(7). Also, please send me the business name, address, telephone number, and any other contact information related to the furnisher of this information who verified its accuracy. Very truly yours, Address again
  3. Bump Plus follow up question - If you dispute something five years ago, can you send a letter requesting method of verification now?
  4. Update: I'm trying to help my fiance fix a car loan tradeline from GM financial with six 30 day lates on it all from 2007 and 2008. I received Experian and Transunion credit reports in the mail today. Hopefully the third one comes soon. Two things I notice: (1) My fiance tried disputing the lates in Dec 2009 with Experian. Looks like it didn't accomplish anything besides getting a statement put into her Experian report claiming she was never late. (2) The Experian report shows six late payments: 10/2007, 04/2008, 05/2008, 06/2008, 09/2008, 10/2008 while the Tranunion report shows four: 10/2007, 04/2008, 05/2008, 06/2008. I'm not sure what my next steps should be? Can we dispute again on the Experian report? Should I dispute the months that Tranunion doesn't have recorded as late? Do I need her old bank records?
  5. On the graph they should have left the labels on the axis. To me the peak looks like 35% (I measured). I'll try and participate in the experiment. I use my barclays arrival a ton - but for the last two months, I've been paying it down to $2 before each statement close date for max credit utilization ratio. So this won't help get CLIs? I'll can start leaving it at 35% and see how it goes. ($1750/5000) Ahh nevermind, I just read backwards further in the thread. Some people think that blog posting is BS. I think I'll continue using the card as I have been.
  6. You are right and know your stuff. Thanks for answering. I screwed up on her original score. I was off by a 100, it's 699. Nevertheless, we would love to get it firmly into the 700s before doing a mortgage refi. It would be good for her self esteem too, she has really been trying to rebuild for a long time. There is a paid CA from 2008. I figured the 6 or more 30 day lates is the bigger hit, and maybe easier to dispute. She does have one revolving account, mortgage, student loan in good standing that must help. Her credit age is old. The above two lines are the only negatives I see on her Experian report. I'll get the mailed reports and look into disputing as obsolete.
  7. Hello I need advice on whether I should spend the time and effort trying to remove a line on my fiance's credit report that seems to be really hurting her score. It is a GM Financial car loan that was open from 2004 to October 2008. On her Experian credit report Payment status is listed as "Paid, was past due 30 days six times or more". She is unsure if she was truly late 6 times or not. She was struggling with money over those years, and knows she was late a couple times, but probably not 6 or more. She did try disputing it once years ago and on the Experian credit report it lists under comments "**CONSUMER STATEMENT** NEVER LATE, ACCOUNT WAS PAID AS AGREED." Her score is hovering around 580-600, and I think it is mainly because of this one problem. We are thinking of refinancing our mortgage later this year, and her credit score is going to be the one that determines our rate. I've been reading this forum on possible courses of action. This is my preliminary plan (please advise): (1) Order All three credit reports - The Experian one I have now is from freecreditreport.com (Is this real? Does the real report have the actual late payment dates?) (2) Request bank records from 2004 to 2008 to see when she actually paid the car loan (3) Look for discrepencies, dispute them (4) Last result - goodwill letter What do you think?
  8. Hey, I'm new. Mostly here to try and improve fiance's credit score. There's a lot of useful information here. I'm hoping I can find what I need. Seems like the members here are doing an important service.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has managed to get a credit card upgrade from RBC? I have a very old credit card with them that bleeds $29.99 out of my account every year. I want to keep it open, but also would love to move it to a better no annual fee card.
  10. HI, There's a basic concept I don't understand with credit cards. Its how to manage your credit card balances to get the best credit utilization ratio reported to the CRAs. Can I use an example? I have a Capitol One credit card, $1000 limit. Closing date is on the 11th of each month. I put a recurring charge on it from Amazon for $10 a month. This charge happens on the 21st of each month. So the account looks like this: 9th: Payment due date 11th: Closing date 21st: $10 charge. 9th: Payment due date 11th: Closing date 21st: $10 charge. My question is when and how much do I pay, so that a charge gets reported to the credit agencies? I am just trying to get the best credit utilization ratio.

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