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  1. Very strict? Hahahahaha! +1 they gave me 10k when I had 3 baddies and a 640 still. But on the funnier side when I was clean and at 750 they only approved me for 7500 on their siggy card. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk Thats crazy!! Its funny how this credit thing works
  2. Ok. I just had another friend apply for Navy Federal Credit Union with a federal tax lien for 4000 and they approved her for 4k with a 575 credit score
  3. I wanted to encourage everyone who is military or veteran or have a friend of the family thats military join Navy Federal Credit Union is giving away credit cards with 10,000 limits. Credit Score as low as 589. Im applying for a few other cards at this time.

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