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  1. Hello Credit boards I purchased credit builder after 4 months of waiting to see Deluxe , Grainger, Sprint, Ups, Cap 1 spark business, Cyper Guys, none reported as of yet however got credit builder only Grainger verified the others the keep saying cant verify or the companies are not resubmitted please help no Paydex score yet called sprint they said they do not report unless late, Ups no luck Cap 1 cant be listed on credit builder due to being a bank Please help
  2. Trying to get transunion bumpage were do I got to do this not really understanding the thread above
  3. I have 8 inquiries on Trans-union disputed 3 inquiries today online want to have at least a total of 5 off if possible they all were over the last 3 months while building credit after bk please how do I get the inquires removed without credit inquiry disputes.
  4. I am building business edit for the second time new business it's been years since the process. I have a Grainger , quill, ups, reliable, Uline, Cyperguys, deluxe all paid in full no up date to DNB as of yet please help. I click on payments right to see the 80 paydex
  5. Hello fairly new to the board and have been building personal credit. I have 5 inquiries on tu- ex how does one get them bumped of? I am not understanding how you guys are doing it please help.
  6. I was approved for Barclays master card 9th and got a credit report alert from all bureaus that their had been a new acct added it was Barclays so fast reporting time and did not have the card at the time.
  7. Thanks so much will call tomorrow will they have to pull credit again? it was just on Friday when they pulled it.
  8. Thanks what do I say ? I was approved for the Barclays master card haven't received it in the mail yet ...will they ask how much of a increase?
  9. Please help could i call and get a reconsideration on my credit approval limit ? I got approved for Barclays 1300 instant approval have a capital one card 2000 1 secured card 500 and a paid on time student loan along with other accounts paid in full befor bk 2013 discharged 3/2014 he secured is reporting capital one was just approved same day as barclays on may 09
  10. Has any one got a any type of auto loan from Denali Alaskan? I want a auto loan just recently opend a checking and savings account so that I could start a relationship with a credit union...Who do they pull for credit approvals tried looking it up on the boards.
  11. Hello new to credit boards been building my business and personal credit as for my personal credit recent bk discharged 3/2014 secured card $500.00 applied for capital one 2, 000 instant approval, on may 9,2014 applied for Barclays May 10, 2014 pending called for reconsideration to find out the application had been approved for 1,300 could i ask for a increase or is it wise to wait a few months scores 714 ex 708 tu 692 eq
  12. I am new to the boards here building personal & business credit a recent bk discharge 3/2014 one secured card through elan financial 500, 2,000 Cap 1 just approved instantly in bankand a current student loan scores Ex714 TU708 EQ692 Applied for barclay no instant approval said wait for a letter what does that usually mean a denial? Can someone share more about barclays and how they work and if they are bk friendly

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