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  1. Hi Credit Boards! First I wanted to say thank you to all the members for their amazing and insightful help. Since December of 2013, I have been able to increase my FICO credit score from 602 to 744, in addition to raising my credit limits from $4,500 to over $70,000 by "reading, reading, and some more reading". THANK YOU CREDITBOARDS!!! So fast forward to today, I recieve a notification from Protect My ID, that I have a public record on Experian. Using the backdoor method, I find that I have a judgement from 2009 from Midland. So of course I immediately go down to my district court and get a copy of the judgement. After reading it, I vaguely remember going to court and making payments to a lawyer. I stopped making payments after they were returned uncashed. My questions are this: The nice clerk at the courthouse told me that the lawyer who represented Midland is no longer in business, should I find other contact information for Midland and offer to settle? Experian says this should fall off in 9/16, should I just leave it be? And on a side note, does anyone know if Massachusetts will vacate a judgement if satisfied? (I could not find a conclusive answer googling it) Thank you in advance!

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