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    FHA Loan

    How does everyone feel about FHA loans? Any experiences? Any advice?
  2. Thank you everyone for the advice. Cashnocredit and shifter, I have 3 steady incomes coming in, 1, over 14 years, the other, 2 yrs and the other 6 months, I'm hoping this will suffice. After researching until my eyeballs are cross cross and a headache, everything should go well with the purchase, I was able to talk the owners down, 20,000, so I will remain prayerful. If all fails, Supergirl72, I will take your advice. I'll let you guys know the outcome. Again, thank you very much. Thk you, MarvBear.
  3. Trying to move this to WhyChat, but I don't see any edit options for my post, not even a deletion option.
  4. In the last couple of months, situations have presented themselves, resulting in having to move back home to care for my parents. It was a thought I didn't hesitated on, being, they are the most amazing mother and father any child would be blessed with, I'm so thankful it was me. For 18 years, they took care of me, so taking care of them will come with the greatest joy, patience and ease. Presently, I reside in another city and moving home must be immediate. Fortunately, the house next door to my parents, will be available, which belonged to my grandparents. The people living in the house, we're all close with and they've agreed not to put the house on the market, allowing me to have first grabs. Here's my fear, my credit isn't the best, yet I don't have any bankruptcies, credit cards, loan defaults, etc. By choice, I've never owned a credit card, my thing is, if I can't pay cash, I don't need it. I've never been late paying my car note or insurance, the 2 things on there, I've paid, each month and timely. The issues with my credit are other people. When my grown child was a very young child, the judge ordered her father to pay all her medical bills. Being I was the parent that took her to all her doctor visits, the bill was put in my name, because the doctor's offices wouldn't honor judges' orders, they say the responsible party is the parent that brings her. When he refused to pay, I took him back to court, he was held in contempt , but he didn't care and didn't pay any of the bills, so they are still on my credit. I'm afraid that's going to hinder me from buying this home and it's imperative I get that house, so I can get to my parents right away. Does anyone have stories of likeness or any suggestions? All will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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