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  1. Just a quick update, Experian deleted all 3, EQ updated as paid, TU updated as paid judgments.
  2. I've had fresh start for a couple months and its reporting to TU and Experian as an installment account.
  3. Well I called them today, after being transferred 4 times and calling 10 different 800 numbers I located the account and it was paid in full Feb 2013! What a long morning. They are sending me a paid in full letter.
  4. I want to repay it, its only $78 but I want to know if there's a way to make it look better on my report when I pay it. Do I just call and pay the Department of Education tomorrow and they all report as paid or what??
  5. Do I contact them to pay them? Do I dispute the other two that are reporting as inaccurate (Sallie Mae and Dept of Ed/Sallie Mae is how the others are listed)? Or just leave them alone since its been about 5 years?
  6. It says: Current Lender: US DEPT OF EDUCATION/ABCP CONDUIT 09-10 Address in D.C ED Servicer: Debt Management and Collection System US DEPT OF ED Address in Greenville, TX
  7. Nevermind found the financial aid history link. Says I have a stafford subsidized principal balance of $74 and interest of $4. On my report since 09... now what do I do?
  8. Logged in, searched through and it shows no records found of completed promissory etc. Am I looking in the wrong place? Their site isn't easy to navigate.
  9. Got a notice through a credit monitoring site that said Experian updated my report, says "county courthouse: no data found." So will be waiting by the mailbox eager to see if they removed them
  10. Will do, how long should I give it and what's the best way to pull my report to check? And I use SCP, will it show when something is deleted?
  11. The clause says they agree to delete, if they don't I'll dispute the charge and go from there I guess. But I hope they hold up their end...
  12. Got the email at 4:15! Says request for delete has been sent to the credit bureaus. They also sent a Paid in Full receipt.
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