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  1. I know I saw a thread somewhere about this but I cant find it, so sorry if the topic has been discussed. Just wondering if there are any benefits to opening a secured credit card like a Cap 1 or US Bank with the max $5000 deposit, charging a few dollars and then closing the account 2 cycles later to get my cash back. Would this strategy bump my score since the account will show a high limit card that was paid in full or would it do the opposite by closing it without letting it age?
  2. My partner and I have decided to get into the landlord and construction biz and am wondering about the process for signing up to report accounts for tenants and contractors we hire. What is the criteria to be able to report- is there a minimum number of accounts and relationships we must maintain and what is the subscription costs? If we can't do it directly are there third parties that will report on our behalf?
  3. Sent GE the letter, got a call from them saying that they retracted the collection from this CA and that my new Balance will state $0 and closed by consumer instead of CO. It was a $2200 CO so I'm assuming the change in reporting will be a good thing. The numerous lates will probably remain...But hey, dead men can't complain
  4. Wow I wish everyone pulled from Innovis! I just called to dispute the inaccurate items and was put right thru to a nice guy that sounded like he was from North Dakota. He said he'll delete all the errors and send me a fresh copy of my report. Try and get that level of customer service from those morons at EX EQ and TU...
  5. I'm seeing numerous addresses that are not mine. I'm just wondering if those verification things use innovis because these addresses have appeared on there even though they don't on the big 3... As far as Cap1, they might use sometimes but last time I applied it pulled EX
  6. I got a copy of my innovis report and it has lots of errors. It says under companies that requested my report both seen and unseen as being "0". So if no one pulls this CRA is it worth the time to dispute anything with them? Does their info spread around to other places that I might not want showing inaccurate data?
  7. It was just the CA and I had my fun with them... Then they sent another letter to my estate and I called them and said enough. Now they're dead to me. Sent the OC the letter and told them I'm dead so please remove my account from being reported. Waiting for results.
  8. well is this grounds for a suit against the CA? all joking aside, I find it tasteless and really stooping to a new level for these scumbags...
  9. I'm only halfway joking here... would this not be easier than declaring bankruptcy? My bad credit gets erased, I owe no debt, and literally get a clean slate with no BK on my record. How much of a nightmare could it be to go to the courts and say "Folks I'm not dead"? I'm already blacklisted at 75% of major banks anyway… I really don't think this is going to go beyond this one CA anyway. Just used my ATM card and it works.
  10. if GE told them I was dead, then why are they still reporting a charge off? that means we retain credit files even after deceased until someone pulls the plug… I want to send GE this letter and say if this is what you believe, stop reporting the account
  11. They said we have a client who has been informed that XXX is deceased… I said who's the client, the morgue? If it really is some lame attempt, they've sunken to new lows. Forget suing you for the debt, we'll just kill you
  12. So I got a letter from a DC the other day and it says "we have learned that XXX has passed away. Our deepest condolences at this time. We are seeking to locate the person who is in charge of the XXX estate to satisfy their outstanding debts." Ok, first thing I did was slap myself to see if I still exist because XXX is me! Am I dead and still in credit hell?? LMAO. I have been disputing things on my report for quite some time now but I have never, ever declared myself deceased in order to avoid my obligations… that'd obviously be fraud. I called them up and didn't provide my name and said "yes, I'm handling his affairs... what is this debt?" They said it's in reference to some old debt with GE Capital/PayPal. They said I'm not personally obligated for the deceased's debts but we would like to take it from "his estate". I just hung up. If a creditor thinks I'm in the ground, do I have to legally disclose that I am still in fact…breathing? Or can I just cutoff all correspondence and let them assume that "well the guy's dead"? If it's the latter, then I shouldn't have a problem getting removal of this account I'm seriously thinking about getting a voice changer app and calling them back with a "jacob marley" ghost voice to screw with them….
  13. marvbear is this top secret info that you cannot indulge? I'm a business owner myself and can sign up for an account and pay for a check if need be, which would then make me "not a consumer". Btw this is the NY Yacht Club I'm applying to if anyone knows who they may use...

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