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  1. I would also like advice on how to rebuild my credit from here
  2. What to do? I kept getting the letters from portfolio offering settlements and things of that nature. Ignored them because I had managed to have the OC Removed from Credit. Well I Fudged the Pooch by taking the settlement. Now its on each credit bureau as a new collection account. Do I have any options? I feel so stupid but this is what happens when you try to be the good consumer. Currently Rebuilding credit and I have this one new collection and one account showing 3 30 day latest back on 2016 but currently in good standing since January 2017. Its my Firestone Card with $1200 limit I
  3. Ok so for today's world it has no benefit but for future it will.. As far as building credit.. where do I start since I have the collections still reporting
  4. Hi all, My credit scores are shot!! I have 4 charge offs Nordstrom/Target/CareCredit/CapitalOne. I also have about $50k in Student Loans (Good Ol American Education) Should I pay the collections off? I just received a letter from Care Credit to pay the balance and they will report as Paid in Full. I think I'm going to take it. Where do I start to begin building my credit back Up?
  5. Also- I received a notice from the collection agency that handles my care credit card - it gives me three options to pay- should I pay in full with a money order and hope they don't put this on my credit?
  6. DOFD Target- Apt 2016 >150days Pdue then to collection Care credit >May 2016 Nordstrom > March 2016 The collection agencies are not listed on my credit yet and I've tried to pay the creditors but unable. Not sure what to do to rectify the situation. I live in Georgia and haven't pulled my Fico but CK for Trans- 580/576EQ pulled Experian they are steady 600
  7. Hi, I'm trying to increase my CS. The three negatives are Nordstrom $980 Target $1200 CareCredit $1200 I recently was put on my mothers CareCredit account which is 10k limit and last balance was at $2k but she just paid that a few days ago so that will go down to $0 I only have two open accounts of my own HSN $300- $0 balance CFNA -$1200 -$270 balance which I will pay before next bill cycle Any suggestions on how to build my credit when the three accounts above have 90+days late and have been written off to Collections?
  8. I would pay the open cards since your Utilization is depending on those . Then pay the Navy card Monthly
  9. CK now shows EQ report on their site- my first thought was B* ??? I have over 10 inquires with EQ right now-- for some reason Georgia pulls that one heavy. Any experienced B* folks think this could be true?
  10. Hello all, It's been awhile- I've successfully had much of my baddies removed and froze all bureaus until I learn how to manage my spending better. The only two that are left---JUDEMENTs . One has been satisfied and the other im looking into better strategies on how to pay and have it removed.. ANY ADVISE???
  11. Good Morning Everyone, I just realized that the original creditors for my judgement are no longer listed. I know that in NJ the SOL for judgement a max of 14 years from original delinquent date but if my original creditor is no longer listed, how do i find this our? Do i go by the date of filing? Really need some help with this- I've been fighting to get this removed.
  12. Hi Guys, I've been working on my credit and so far Transunion has been the best at deleting items the fastest. I just received a letter from Calvary portfolio offeing a settlement because they legally can not sue me anymore. My account was orginally with BOA and the balance is about $850 DOFF: 11/2009 I know that this account is the reason i was denied credit with Barclays ( receive the denial yesterday) and would really like to have it removed. Any thoughts? Need more info? By the way Calvary was sold the account back in 2012. If this is removed i will have 3 new medi
  13. I just got approved for a Cap 1 with $500 CL- is it to soon to ask for CLI? should I call the recon number?
  14. I actually- unintentionally'- did this my reports are frozen as of 3/28 and I thought of doing what you're suggesting - I'm gonna give it 3 months with the new card and hopefully the disputes make the judgments fall off.. in the mean time I'm in no position to apply for new credit until I see my scores from these denial letters- TU FAKO is 650
  15. For now you need to do a clean up on your report. Check the boards for answers but trust me it has to be somethings listed that is hurting your score.
  16. I understand- based on the previous post, you may not lose them. ***Prayer sent up***
  17. Partially paying a judgment doesn't help or hurt but it may flag you as a person of interest - financially. In many states judgments can be renewed and typically last longer than they will appear on your reports. If whoever has the judgment finds your credit improved enough they will com after you and collecting a judgment is easier than a debt pre-judgment. Just be very careful. If you can afford to pay the judgment you might be able to negotiate having it vacated in return for full payment. DO I CALL THE COURT FOR THIS? I sure as heck dont want to talk to the creditor. lol
  18. I havent paid them- If i pay with the courts wont that reset the judgement? or can i file a motion to vacate? they are in NJ, ive been doing research but honestly my head hurts lol
  19. is the TU 624 your FICO or FAKO
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