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  1. I would also like advice on how to rebuild my credit from here
  2. What to do? I kept getting the letters from portfolio offering settlements and things of that nature. Ignored them because I had managed to have the OC Removed from Credit. Well I Fudged the Pooch by taking the settlement. Now its on each credit bureau as a new collection account. Do I have any options? I feel so stupid but this is what happens when you try to be the good consumer. Currently Rebuilding credit and I have this one new collection and one account showing 3 30 day latest back on 2016 but currently in good standing since January 2017. Its my Firestone Card with $1200 limit I
  3. Ok so for today's world it has no benefit but for future it will.. As far as building credit.. where do I start since I have the collections still reporting
  4. Hi all, My credit scores are shot!! I have 4 charge offs Nordstrom/Target/CareCredit/CapitalOne. I also have about $50k in Student Loans (Good Ol American Education) Should I pay the collections off? I just received a letter from Care Credit to pay the balance and they will report as Paid in Full. I think I'm going to take it. Where do I start to begin building my credit back Up?
  5. Also- I received a notice from the collection agency that handles my care credit card - it gives me three options to pay- should I pay in full with a money order and hope they don't put this on my credit?
  6. DOFD Target- Apt 2016 >150days Pdue then to collection Care credit >May 2016 Nordstrom > March 2016 The collection agencies are not listed on my credit yet and I've tried to pay the creditors but unable. Not sure what to do to rectify the situation. I live in Georgia and haven't pulled my Fico but CK for Trans- 580/576EQ pulled Experian they are steady 600
  7. Hi, I'm trying to increase my CS. The three negatives are Nordstrom $980 Target $1200 CareCredit $1200 I recently was put on my mothers CareCredit account which is 10k limit and last balance was at $2k but she just paid that a few days ago so that will go down to $0 I only have two open accounts of my own HSN $300- $0 balance CFNA -$1200 -$270 balance which I will pay before next bill cycle Any suggestions on how to build my credit when the three accounts above have 90+days late and have been written off to Collections?
  8. I would pay the open cards since your Utilization is depending on those . Then pay the Navy card Monthly
  9. CK now shows EQ report on their site- my first thought was B* ??? I have over 10 inquires with EQ right now-- for some reason Georgia pulls that one heavy. Any experienced B* folks think this could be true?
  10. Hello all, It's been awhile- I've successfully had much of my baddies removed and froze all bureaus until I learn how to manage my spending better. The only two that are left---JUDEMENTs . One has been satisfied and the other im looking into better strategies on how to pay and have it removed.. ANY ADVISE???
  11. Good Morning Everyone, I just realized that the original creditors for my judgement are no longer listed. I know that in NJ the SOL for judgement a max of 14 years from original delinquent date but if my original creditor is no longer listed, how do i find this our? Do i go by the date of filing? Really need some help with this- I've been fighting to get this removed.
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