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  1. You have a couple different options to try to get a CL increase on the sapphire. First just wait 3-6 months and apply for it or apply for another chase product and have the limit transferred from one account to the other. Other posters are giving you good advice. AU does nothing for you. If u look at ur reports you'll see that ur AU accounts with chase aren't even reporting. Unlike amex which does report for AUs. At any rate the sapphire is an awesome card. FYI if u use it for dining the first Friday of every month u get 3x's instead of the normal 2x.
  2. Yes dispute all 3 CRAs. You are within your rights to dispute info on your reports. Just make sure you do it the right way.
  3. @LKH I don't know u well enough to do u any favors. I have just as much rite to post here as u do. I wasn't even addressing u anyway.
  4. OK wrong. Negative accounts are easy to take off for those of us that know how it works. I do it all the time for friends. Go away.
  5. The sad truth is you're losing at life my friend. I have a successful business to run now. Please go troll someone else.
  6. Calling me a troll? Ur an salamander. I saved the OP from wasting $200 of his hard earned $ and u come along and troll my comment and start all this first thing in the morning. I have have a living yo go make unlike u who spends all day here trolling ppls comment in Ur underwear from ur parents basement.
  7. @nysbadmk8...whatever u say keyboard warrior. Keep working at collecting that post count. Maybe the forum will give u a plaque when u reach 2k. Don't give up pal. @stroked89coupe I was being sarcastic with those comments.
  8. U completely contradicted yourself my friend. I said he won't have to pay the OC once the account has been sold and u tries to call me out. Now it saying the same thing in different words. And as far as your cool 1500 posts vs. My "lowly" 25. Well that's just a reflection of how we spend our time. You are here all day trying to make smart comments to the wrong people and I'm too busy for that. Keyboard warrior lol.
  9. @nysbadmk8. U know what you're right. The OP should pay both the OC and the CA. In fact he should go ahead and just pay anyone that ever says he owes the money from this point going forward. U should pay attention before trying to call someone like me out. It's not on his reports so why should he pay anyone in the first place jackass? Besides why do u seem to be such an advocate of paying a scum bag gym that ripped him off? R u an employee of the gym. U sound quite suspicious.
  10. look I'm gonna break it down here for you. First of all, the person that recommended that you pay off the health club directly is completely wrong and has no idea what they're talking about. The health club "sold" the debt and wrote it off already. I guarantee that if you went there tomorrow with cash in hand they wouldn't accept because they aren't allowed to. Now, onto the collection agency. they purchased the debt for pennies on the dollar in an attempt to not only recoup their investment (most likely $10-20) but to get a HUGE return by collecting all of it ($200). this is the risk they
  11. Don't worry about it. If/when it hits ur reports then dispute and it will go away. Odds are they bought the $200 debt for $10-20 and now trying to collect the full boat.
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