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  1. Is it good to apply for multiple accounts the same day without hurting scores?
  2. Verizon tells me I need to contact Convergent.
  3. I don't have their agreement. Can this be found online?
  4. Thanks. Are you saying a dv letters wont work?
  5. I receive a letter from convergent collections for Verizon wireless. They are not reporting on cr but Verizon wireless has been reporting for a year. What should I do should I send dv letters to convergent? I cannot get Verizon off cr.
  6. Can i even dispute this with it reporting as collection?
  7. Does anyone know of credit suite or tried there services?
  8. what specifically are you asking?The process of setting it up from start to finish.
  9. Does anyone have info on the process of getting business credit with a EIN with no PG?
  10. Have been paying the OC sprint and CA -Diversified Consulta is reporting. i been disputing with no luck. What can I do.

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