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  1. Ok, The confusion on my part was if me being a resident of Utah for the last 6 years and that Utah has a Foreign Judgement SOL of 8 years will bar ARSI or Amex from domesticating the judgement filed in CA in Utah, but it sounds like it does. I was unable to find the reference to the SOL for foreign judgements in the Utah code which is what gave me pause on how to proceed. It is not on my credit reports. It was at one point on my credit reports but came off about 2 years ago. I have secured an attorney to assist me with with this last issue from my past it's cheap enough to ensure that they go away. I'll be glad to put it to rest. thanks WhyChat.
  2. the assumption is not on my part, the assumption is a quest for information, there are options, 1. the judgement has not been domesticated, and my question is, does the Utah 8 year limitation prevent them from trying to domesticate, 2. They have domesticated it, and I have to pursue another course of action, such is improper service, or 3. they have not domesticated it, and they can use the california 10 year judgement sol in utah. My question is regarding the 1st option. If you don't know the answer, please don't make assumptions or conjecture, or irrelevant comments. If you know the answer, please feel free to contribute.
  3. Mostly I'm just wondering if the limitation on foreign judgements is 8 years, and assuming that they have not domesticated the judgement.
  4. Amex got a default judgement against me in 8/2010 in California. Court records show that service was done via mail. I never got the papers and was unaware of the court date as I had moved. Fast forward to yesterday I get a letter from ARSI offering me 20% and I have 14 days to respond. If I understand correctly, as I now and have been a resident of Utah for the last 6 years, The best that ARSI could do is to file for a foreign judgement in Utah, but the SOL for foreign judgments in Utah is 8 years, regardless of the fact that judgments in California are valid for 10 years. I want to make sure I'm understanding this right before I ignore this letter from them as unenforceable.
  5. Roger. out of all the collections I've had to go through over the years, this is the first time I've ran across something like this. My landlord lives on the same property as I do (different dwelling), they called him as well.
  6. I've been getting calls from this company. Can seem to find any information. They are calling on time barred debt, a citi collection with a date of last activity in 2010. I told them they could no longer call me, and I explained that this was a time barred debt and they were not entitled to file an action, as they threatened. She told me that if I could afford an attorney, I could afford to pay my debt and they said they would keep calling and then hung up on me.
  7. No, it will not. Rereading it, it looked like he wanted it to report as a positive tradeline but it will not report again. I'm not looking to get it posted as a positive TL. Just pay it off with minimal fuss so I can start riding it again.
  8. I have a certificate of origin that shows a lien entered on the date I purchased it. What about interest on the loan. Since interest stopped when I stopped making payments, will they want to collect the leftover principal as well as interest? I suppose I can just take it to the DMV, register it, drive it and not bother with Honda. Although I'd never be able to sell it.. which doesnt hurt my feelings.
  9. Its not on my credit report. I'm looking for options to pay of the balance and what to expect when I start that process.
  10. in 2010 due to a job loss I walked away from all my debt. I had a motorcycle financed through Honda Finance and they put a derog on my credit report. It sat in a friends garage while I chased jobs around the country. Fast forward seven years and I'm now stable. All of the baddies have been dropped from my credit report, and I now have the motorcycle in my possession. Does anyone have any experience with Honda Finance on the best way to approach without having it put back on my credit report again? Since its got low miles and just sat for so long I'd like to just pay off the balance and move on. thanks sb.
  11. Financed a vehicle from a credit union, went into default for a couple years, but it was never repossessed. I was able to satisfy the balance and got the title but its still showing charged-off on my credit report. Any suggestions on how to resolve? thanks sb

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