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  1. I just needed to be brought down to earth. THX guys. Renting something this weekend.
  2. Yea, sure. I get that. The market here is so damn frantic that when I filter neighborhoods, specs and what I can reasonably afford, my window is only about 3 days before it's scooped up. I also have a serious problem paying $1600 a month rent for a comparable house in the same neighborhood when I can buy @ $1200. Especially given the fact that the growth trend is forecast to accelerate for at least 2 more years for double digit % in equity returns. I also have pet restrictions and other complications that prevent me from moving back into a $1K apartment in borderline crack neighborhoods. I moved rural and am pissed enough already that I have to move back to that godforsaken life suck that is DFW. Spent all day yesterday narrowing down loan options to 80/10/10, 80/15/5 or 95/5 BMIP all on 30yr conventional. My paperwork package is ready to go. Now all I need are 3 REPUTABLE direct or indirect lenders to balance the i's and the t's and facilitate the best APR. The cost / fee problem still exists as well. The whole complications of who can negotiate who into paying what is still a bit of a mystery, i.e. title fees. I'm not working directly with a realtor. I just seriously need strong advice as to what my priority ladder should look like and maybe some market insight. I still have not been to bed. Off to work now.
  3. Ok folks - So I haven't posted on CB in a while but good to know you guys are still helping people like me out. Mortgages? So many options. Here's the deal. I'm on a tight timeline as my landlord, to whom I've been paying VERY modest rent has told me that I need to move by Jan 3 due to property sale. Gracious given Texas only requires 30d. Rent in DFW is nearly as much as my own home would cost so I thought I might check into it. It's all so mindboggling! I really have no idea. I know if I spell out my details, Brian B and other helpful members might be able to steer my in the right direction. Here goes... CREDIT FICO 08 - 807eq, 803ex, 765tu - $28 paid CO to Verizon in 2012 being factored into TU more so than the others apparently. All are within 30d from revolving lines. FICO 05 - 780eq from April MyFico report. Can assume this has risen slightly along with my 08 scores. 0-1 inquiry within 2 yr. Last pull 12/14 for US Airway. Assume min payments at $150-175. Temporary carrying balance for school but will disappear with employer reimbursement. INCOME 59500 base + bonus ~10-11000 = ~70k. Unsure if I really want to count the bonus in affordability. 401K Loan repayment = $540mo. Net after deductions = $3075mo OTHER OBLIGATIONS Auto - $295 Insurance Total - $150 Current utilities etc - $350 ASSETS Nothing really - 50K still in the 401 $12K in cash HISTORY 10 years at current employer 3 local addresses in 15 years Given current market conditions, i.e. rising rates and steep increases in current and forecasted property valuation in Dallas-Fort Worth, where can I go from here? Max down right now is 5%. But if the math is right, would a piggyback be an option? I will most likely not want stay past 3-10 years. So mortgage types, piggyback options, direct lenders, brokers...?? Head exploding...
  4. Well this whole thing is just bad for business. Suppose I will sit on the few inqs I do have. I am in TX BTW. Somehow those 20 store card apps over a paper wrapped dinner have become less appealing. RIP to the good guys. The sudden absence of graphical representation and data gathering will be sorely missed.
  5. + $1k today SP wording. $4750-->$5750. Card is 11 months $250 auto cli's following every month I have made a purchase. 5x since opening and all for less than $20. Thanks OP.
  6. Been a while I guess. Stepped in here to get the current EQ cycle dates for TX from the BW chart and.... B* is dead? What's so special about TX? BW and others are off the grid? Be gentle, I only read back 20 or so pages before I caved.
  7. Down for the count. Thanks for the entertainment. Night folks.
  8. 800.881.4730 (Existing Accounts Analyst) And there isn't really C* on TU. That's another beauty of BofA. You can pick your CRA to pull, and they'll pull TU which is easy to B* and easy to clean up.
  9. You guessed it. Sometimes career (DB analytics) and hobbies (real world application) find a common ground.
  10. The only way to do it. 100% correct. ALWAYS call BofA. If you have any doubts, call. They're old-school like that. This is good to know. I've been getting frustrated by this line as it drags everything else down. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat. Thanks for the info.
  11. Bob is a French model. At least put that $h!t on the cover of a magazine.
  12. Neither do I. No doubt. There are a few threads that highlight free luv for some, prison luv for others via BofA. What was the CL they gave you? What's your highest reporting limit? $2500. Highest CL 15.2K. At the time it was 10K highest line(CU). Did you recon? At the time of approval, my highest limit was $19K and my highest non-CU/store card limit was my CSP at $12K. They agreed to match a $15K limit I have to start. Maybe they don't like some people, but I thought with the number of student loan baddies I still have, the unpaid charge off with them and no other relationship with them that the starting limit was very generous. Oh Yes. Recon was bleeding. Looking at pulls and judging by others experience, YMMV with BofA. I established a relationship.
  13. Neither do I. No doubt. There are a few threads that highlight free luv for some, prison luv for others via BofA. They graduated my card and gave me a CLI from 3K to 6K in early August based on (according to analyst) banking and payment history. Still had baddies, tax liens and judgments showing on TU. Late October they counted my CLI request to 10K. The 6 year old 120day late mortgage baddie wasn't mentioned, nor the 1 remaining 5 yr old paid tax lien. They denied me the full 15K based on my 7 new accounts from mid-August thru Ocotber. They will get a call again Jan 2nd and I will ask the analyst for 25K. I don't bother with luv buttons or front line CSR's for CLI's with BofA. I call straight to the analyst. That may be the hitch for these guys; analyst. BTW I'd really love to PC to Fidelity but from your info es no bueno.
  14. Neither do I. No doubt. There are a few threads that highlight free luv for some, prison luv for others via BofA. What was the CL they gave you? What's your highest reporting limit? $2500. Highest CL 15.2K. At the time it was 10K highest line(CU).

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