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  1. Is the pay history immediately prior to BK 7 supposed to still be reported? For example 30/60 days? Thanks!
  2. I developed kidney disease in 2016 resulting in becoming disabled in 2018. With our debts and the mountain of medical bills (125k+) It was the best option at the time. We kept our truck lease through the BK and it is reporting. We also got 2 secured cards one for 1000, and one for 500. We have about 20k saved now for down payment and our lowest middle score (my fico) is 631 right now. I am going in for a transplant at the end of March so we would be looking in the fall if it was possible. Discharge date was August 13 2018. Does this sound doable?
  3. Hello all! Is it possible to obtain a mortgage 1 year after bk7 if due to a disability? if so what types of documentation are necessary for support? thanks!
  4. Thanks Marv, in your experience have you ever seen anyone besides a Santander for instance, buy a loan like this?
  5. Credit Application: Your Age: 39 Your Equifax Credit Score: 519 Your Experian Credit Score: 523 Your TransUnion Credit Score: 569 How long have you been on file with the CRA?s? 22 years Previous Automotive Credit History: Do you have an open auto loan? No Will this loan be a trade-in?na Number of late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? Number of late pays within the last 13-24 months on the currently open loan? Current open auto loan is financed with? Current open auto loan payment is? Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? Rate your payment history on this open auto loan from 1-10 (10=BEST) 1-bk'd Revolving Credit History: Total number of revolving accounts? 0 Total percent utilization overall? Your Information: How long at residence? 3 years Rent/Homeowner/Live with relative? Rent 825/ mo How long at current job? 2 years Total Provable MONTHLY GROSS INCOME? 5765 Provable via computerized paystub or what method? Pay stub Your Downpayment in CASH: 10,000 Rebates not considered; Trade Equity not considered: CASH ONLY PLEASE INPUT. Does any credit repository contain any Public Record? Is so, please describe. Yes bk discharged 6/18 Does any credit repository contain any Collection Account(s) If so, please describe. Yes electric bill 5/2012 paid collection New or Used Vehicle you are considering; please describe: used grand Cherokee 2013 or used 2013 Acura MDX both are about 18k Your creditworthiness on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best: OVERALL credit: prior to bk 8 Installment Credit History: prior to bk 8 Revolving Credit History: prior to bk 10 I'm trying to Hibernate, Don't bother me.
  6. It is truly amazing the amount of people that are not aware of the completely useless nature of credit karma scores. The only thing it is good for is free monitoring for changes without having to pay for it. It is no wonder however with the misleading commercials... "Your credit score should be free, and now it is." Very intellectually dishonest. But " let the consumer beware." FYI my CK scores are over 100 points lower than my ficos. Ignore the score, use the monitoring.
  7. Thanks for the responses, I am anxious to get this behind us.
  8. Yea I have had a loaner the whole time
  9. Hey marv, Here's an interesting one. Bought a Durango 2 weeks ago, 24 hours after I bought it electrical failed it has been at the dealer for 2 weeks they can't figure out the problem. I complained enough that the GM said come in Monday and I'll get you out of the vehicle. I Checked and they have none of the same vehicle with same equipment, color, etc. in stock. Any idea what the dealer may be thinking as a solution? They are a large dealer with 15+ locations. Vehicle brand new Durango, put 2000 down, had 4k rebate financed just over 32k. Loan was through Ally and has shown up in their system as active as I signed up for acct mgmt. in addition my trade has been paid off already. Never been through this and wanted to get feedback from a pro.

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