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  1. Thanks Marv, I'll update here once the deal is done.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Marv. You don't think the negative equity will pose an issue? I am thinking of going through NFCU again since they pull TU for most auto loans, and I'm not sure what they allow for LTV...
  3. Just bought a late model SUV last year December. Now we have another little one due this December and need 8 passenger seating. I am upside down in equity by about 3k, and am looking at late model Suburban/Yukons around $30k. Total financing needed would be about $35k after rolling over negative equity. Here is my app, what do you think? Credit Application: Your Age? 36 Your Equifax Credit Score? 655 Your Experian Credit Score? 669 (myFico has not updated yet for some reason - 609; but Experian site says 648; jump from Saturday due to deleting CA account) Your TransUnion Credit Score? 67
  4. I would also say you have a shot at the Sallie Mae Card with Barclays. It depends on the specifics of your report, but that would be a decent gas/grocery card to start out with.
  5. Balance history means nothing in this case. As long as the current balance and payment reported to the CRAs shows 0 it will be a non-factor.
  6. FAR more information is needed. As it is, the answer is yes. You CAN get a mortgage, but you will need to meet certain other criteria to make it happen (scores, down payment, dti, etc). If your scores are in the bubble it would be unlikely.
  7. If you are looking to buy in more than 12 months you should consider opening 2 more cards. The balance will only affect your dti ratio, but the effect on your score could cause issues. Having 3 open cards would maximise the FICO scores and also help with utilization overall.
  8. Who do I even call? The EO numbers are dead
  9. I applied for a Venture card, not because I wanted that card, but because Cap1 is lagging behind even Discover in CL. I figured I can get the venture and after 6 months I can combine the CL into my QS. Discover just bumped me 900 to 2700 yesterday by SP, whereas QS is still at 2k and my lowest limit. So I apply and get the review, 10 day message. Today I finally got the letter. It stated 4 things as the reason for denial: According to EQ, too few revolving accounts. The same line for TU and EX. Then said my EQ score was 622. I have 11 open revolving accounts and myfico.com shows EQ of ju
  10. Thank you all for the great idea for the contest. I was happy to be a positive part of the boards, and the contest. I was actually going to start a prime membership the week of the contest, but held out just in case. I think it was a great idea, and I see only good things coming to us all here in CB because of it. SPECIAL thanks to NPSL, the CB staff and everyone who participated in the thread. I will make excellent use of the prize #freeprime #greatidea #contestFTW
  11. So this whole topic is on how to increase your 04, which your lender already pulled? 760 is the normal cutoff for best rates and you were 765. What else matters?
  12. I just closed last Tuesday. Fico 04 does take HPs harder for the full 6 months, so if your scores are borderline I would say ZERO HPs for 6 months. However, I had 7-8 HPs in 6 months and qualified, just had to wrote the explanation. I added 2 more before closing and never heard a peep about them. YMMV
  13. If you open a 3rd card now and get balances to report $2 your score should increase 30+ points as soon as the reports show it. The baddie will keep it down, but at 650 I would bet you can get decent financing at a lot of places.
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