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  1. Happy Sunday to everyone! I normally wouldn't open an email from Credit Karma in ref to my file changing whatsoever , but it said some items were removed? I opened up the email and all of the synchrony bank accounts were removed without me ever disputing them and all of them are about 5 years old or close to it? but the collection agency's are still reporting them. If I dispute with the CRA that " I have no account" would that be enough or is this the new thing? sorry haven't been on here in awhile.
  2. Pay the irs off and apply to have the liens withdrawn. ..your accounts will age in the meantime! In two or three years hit up capital one for a venture card, you will get at least 5k That's the game plan! Not to sure about my Amazon Chase increasing much I only runnan average of $ 750 per month , but I think I can get a nice bump with my Qs by my 7th statement because I average $1300 a month on it and its pif every 2 weeks.
  3. I pay off all debts within 30 days too, my nieces and nephews like clothes and other items from these particular stores so its cool with me.
  4. Oh no no no, he's got Synchrony Toy cards! They're like from Heaven or something. That shows that Sync wasnt feeling the the O P profile look at the limits they dont mind showing love and since i have been here people always tell other people dont App until u are ready. because when u rush u get Chocolate Goodness results. He's got an 800 dollar prybar. No Uber actualy the Target $300 RedCard is the Prybar.Lol!
  5. They're Synchrony. .lol Yep 17k @11 % not extremely excited about it, but I needed a newer car/with warranty ..who knows maybe next year I can get it refinanced ? I put 4k down .
  6. Thanks to this site for providing all the tools to getting a strong hold on my credit. Since joining this board over a year ago, my fico scores have risen on average 90 pts across the board. Quicksilver $500 Amazon Chase Rewards $500 Capitol one secured $200 Psecu secured $500 Firestone $800 Target $300 Kohls $300 J.C. Penny's $500 Opensky $200 Credit one $300 Total Visa $300 Fingerhut $750 Walmart $400 Chevron $300 Old Navy $200 American Eagle $150 Chevy Equinox 2014 17k@11% for 72 months. The backdrop story was, that I knew that the Irs was planning on filing tax liens soon and I needed a new car bad so, I cleaned up what I could in the interim , I have agreed to an installment plan of payments that are 1/3 of what the Irs suggested that I pay in order to prevent the leins from being filed. I guess any day now ,I can expect a major blow to my credit score that I have worked a little at getting it to where it is now. I have enough income and credit and new vehicle sustain myself for now ,I suppose. So,I guess my chances of buying a new home is pretty much done as the new liens are set to hit my reports soon? Somewhere I read here ,that if you have a freeze on Lexisnexis, then it may never show up? we'll see. I dont plan on applying for anything else no time soon and maybe in time with the credit that I already have ,and by paying everything on time and so forth,I should be okay. Overall, Im still happy about someof the gains I made with the help of the people here. Thanks to everyone that made it possible for me to get this far,because for awhile I couldn't finance anything.
  7. I believe so. If it weren't for this forum, I wouldn't have ever gotten this far. But , I got in with Chase and it feels good just to have that name added to my resume. Just 3 months ago ,Chase denied me due to insufficient credit history.
  8. I finally got an approval with Chase bank with their Amazon Visa Rewards card for $500. Should I apply for their Freedom card or should I wait? Now that I have a card with Chase,will that make it easier to get other products from them?
  9. Yeah, froze my reports awhile ago. Thanks though.
  10. The Irs is currently in the process of issuing me a another Tax lien if I can not agree to pay close to $700 per month for the next 5 years. I have been building my credit up in the interim as I knew this was coming soon. I have pretty much some revolving tl to help rebound after the intial hit of the new judgement if I cant agree to the terms. If I am to get a second job soon,I will be able to afford it. Apparently I didnt qualify for the oic program at all,so ,so far they're taking $200 per month until an agreement is made. The two bills I can handle for now, but I would like to avoid the placements of the liens if I could,because my scores would really tank. Across the board my scores are in the mid 6's and a new judgement I think, will knock them down. Currently I have a tax lien on my reports and was able to get approvals and my scores into a good range to do so. How long will a new lien have an impact, I know it prevents me from getting a mortgage unless I can show I am in a payment arrangement with the Irs. Will the tl that I have now, help me rebound faster?
  11. I have 10 tl open and have to admit, I started with real crappy cards like:Total visa cl $300 bal $150 open date 7/15 Fingerhut cl $250 bal $119 open date 7/15 Firestone cl $800 bal $ 180 open date 10/15 Psecu secured cl $500 bal $0 open date 4/15 Opensky cl $200 bal $33 open date 8/15 Target red card cl $300 bal $56 open date 12/15 Kohls/capone cl $300 bal $240 open date 12/15 Cap one secured cl $200,bal $50 ooen date 12/15 Credit one cl $300 bal $120 open date 12/15 Quicksilver one cl $500 bal $0 open date 1/16 I know the euphoric feeling when one gets the "your approved" message. BUT you need to pay down all your cards to a zero balance, then only use one that you can PIF every month. Let everything age some. Carrying balances on low limit cards may not look good to some creditors........IE: Why should we give you a mega limit, when you can't handle the nickel and dime cards you have now. We all have to start somewhere, but some patience here is in order. Understood. I wouldn't have gotten this far without creditboard and the people here. Thank you.
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