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  1. I try my absolute best with anyone who needs my help. Thanks all.
  2. Yes, it is said. I've never had it happen, have you?
  3. I didn't know that about the frames. Makes sense. I had an 07 Eddie Bauer Explorer, liked it alot.
  4. Congrats Brad. I can only imagine all the "aka's" you heard going through all those Synchrony calls. I'm guessing you ran across a "Kim" and "Alice". And probably "Anthony" and "John". Nice work regardless.
  5. There may still be ways to move that balance to that card, from the card within the same company. Which cards are they, and do you have other cards with balances?
  6. Definitely do a test run, on the mortgage app. At least a year before the real deal. Anyone can soft pull your credit report.
  7. LMAO. That fell right in your lap. Nice.
  8. A method I used, and it worked very well is: Start disputing from free reports, old addresses. When you dispute old addresses name variations, phone numbers...you can request an updated copy of your reports, which they are NOT likely required to provide, but they always have. Then you have a copy, JUST LIKE the paid copies, for free. This is just one little way to do it. I would not consider having free copies, the end of the world. This method works best for someone just starting their clean-up after not looking at their credit reports in some time. It is said that free reports provide the CRAs 45 days to respond to disputes although I have never experienced that. As I said, most new clean-ups start with disputing old identifying info.
  9. OP, keep posting your steps and questions here, you will get the help you need. If you're following the guidance provided, the sky is the limit. Not everything always works, but nothing will work if you don't try it. Get those paper reports, and triage them.
  10. You can/should look into different hotel card: Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, RC. I am not sure what hotels are in NYC. Many people like to hate on these cards, Barclays Arrival+, and Cap1 Venture...but the truth is after meeting the spend on both, each one will let you redeem a statement credit towards travel purchase in the last 120 days. It works out to be $460 per card, or covering $920 in travel expense. So you could get a Hotel Card of your choice and book with these other cards if possible, and redeem the credit when statement cuts. Just an idea and there are probably other ways to do it, but a free $920 is always worth a look. (In Barclays case, they also credit 10% of your redemption, meaning it could have a worth of about $500.)
  11. Seeing all these progress threads today, old and new, is the best thing. We will all make it where we need to be.
  12. You are SAVING 23% interest. That is remarkable. I think that is amazing for that score. Keep working it.
  13. Well I always said I would update my "one-year" progress. Here it is, I became a member here on March 7th, 2014. Many things have changed since I began my credit repair. Come, and gone. Many things I would've done differently. Can't change the past. I started at 591, Barclays updated today. I didn't hit my goal. But I am still happy and have ALWAYS been appreciative of the members here, all of them. Thank you, everyone.
  14. They likely WILL now. Worth a try.
  15. I'd work on getting those two people to join Navy Federal. It would be HUGE for you. Offer them a little something. They must be family, right? Case of beer, night out to dinner...
  16. Knew it had to be a regular Venture. Still nice.
  17. I need to retract an earlier statement. Since I still get PM's, there are no WORKING methods for B*. They are all dead, the CRA's made sure of it. I guess we just have to move on. Sorry. I'm guessing the PM's are in response to this thread. But there is no more B*. I apologize for any confusion, many of us THOUGHT things would still work. CRAs got us this time.
  18. Always use Certified Mail, only. It serves as legitimate proof of mailing and receipt. Follow Why Chat's method and all will be well. Good luck, keep us posted.
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