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  1. This is solid advice. If you don't budget one month of paying interest can wipe out all the rewards you've worked hard to earn.
  2. To get this thread back on track July 17 got the denial letter yesterday"not enough time at current limit" So I'm stuck at $9500. I'm prob going to cool down for 90 days.
  3. I Ch13'd Amex in 2007 for around $1200. Apped in April and still on the BL.
  4. There should not be a file on either. I was just curious in case someone ever did try to steal their identity.
  5. I have 2 kids one is 16 other is 5. I received the Anthem letter last year on the 16 yo, but never really followed through with it. Do any of you or can you sign up kids for for credit karma, credit shame etc. for a free monitoring service. The 16's father has been out of the picture his whole life. I've raised him ever since he was two. I also had the thought of checking for him because he has a potential for identity theft from his paternal Father. Any recommendations?
  6. I had their secured card. It was my first cc post 13. I couldn't get them to convert it to unsecured. They was shocked when I closed it, asked me why. Told them I had $10k limits on this and wanted to move on. As far as the fico it's the odd one that goes to 900 I believe. I like bank card 08 much better from Discover or Barclays. I'd throw that app in the trash. Plus it looks like a subprime card on your report.
  7. I used it on vacation for restaurants worked very nicely for 5% CB.
  8. Try running them up above 80% utilization and PIF like suggested in this thread. I don't have the nuts to M$ $16,000 on them. I haven't even tried to buy a $250 VGC.
  9. My original sears card from 1997 was 13'd in 2007. It changed over to a citibank MC at some point. I'm still wary about trying for a citi card.
  10. I opened a Chase Freedom and Mary Kay Rewards Visa for my wife last July. The MK was first and came with 10k CL, a week later I apped for the freedom and it is 10kCL. I carried a bal on the MK all year till this month. The high was $4k and low was 2k. The zero interest ran out and I pifd yesterday. My freedom only gets usage during grocery and gas quarter. It's prob only been to $1500. They are still at 10 a piece I'm waiting to see if I get a one year CLI.
  11. I brought Discover from $1500 to $9500 CL since Sept 2014, using the SP CLI Luv button. I'd go for it on all six apps. Maybe throw in a Lowes see if you can get a 25k limit,
  12. Of the free sites like credit karma and credit sesame. Credit Tracker is always the first to notify me of a hard pull. I will give them that. It's good for credit monitoring,but there are several cards that offer monthly TU Ficos.
  13. I think they are top notch. Only drawback is physical locations. It's limited to just a few states. Texas,Miss,LA,Cal, and Utah. There may be a few more. I got a car loan on a soft pull this year. It was easy. You can do deposits at credit union service centers. That is a plus.
  14. I use them frequently for my banking. I'm affiliated through employer. I have a car loan and just opened a Visa Card.
  15. Ive been thru a 13 i know your pain. But if i read this right 32% util. On $100k. Just dont make the mistakes that made you go thru BK in first place. Good luck to you.

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