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  1. Goodell is a douchenozzle hypocrite - everybody hates him, not just Saints fans.
  2. I'm with Lab (if you can believe that )...how does anybody know what kind of underwear somebody's wearing at work? WTF? What kind of creepers are going around sneaking peeks at somebody's underwear? Freaks.
  3. I don't like it when you creep on my keyboard and steal my thoughts and such. People should probably spend more time focused on their own chaps; that would probably lead to less ill-bred heathens running around and getting on my nerves, which is what's really important.
  4. Coming back to GF after a break is the same as watching a soap opera. No matter how long it's been since you watched, some things never change. *smh*
  5. Thanks for the welcome back, guys. Nem, don't worry your pretty little head about that business.
  6. Don't play games with me, Mary. I know Mr. I-Hate-Kids-They're-Stupid-You're-Stupid-For-Having-Them didn't knock anybody up. Plus even the girls in Dusty Butt, Montana where he lives couldn't be that desperate.
  7. Proceed with the updates. Hope it's something good.
  8. I keep track of all of tasks with do.com. It's free and there's integration with Google apps plus there's an iPhone app (again, free). I have mine set up with different sections (work, personal, school, etc.) and I sort my tasks by due date within each section. There are a few standard views, or you can create a custom view. I've also set mine up to send me e-mail notifications each morning with the stuff I have due that due, with the overdue stuff at top in red. You can also assign tasks to other people. There's a bunch of other stuff you can do with it, but I love it. Between this & Evernote, I've gotten rid of my Franklin Planner and don't even miss it.
  9. Whole lot of complaints for something y'all don't have to pay for.
  10. Right now I want to slap this new employee. He's a loud talker. I detest loud talkers. If he comes over here again, I'll probably slap him and then cut his tongue out with these scissors. God.
  11. I wouldn't care. Everything I've said about my boss I've said to him, so it's whatever. I'd still let him know that I knew he was listening, though. Why not just turn the walkie talkie off if it bothers you?

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