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  1. My main reason to get my score up was to work on buying my first home. I think of purchasing your first home as a huge investment especially at my age (21). Although my score is not terrible....over 620 I still wanted to work on getting it higher for the purpose of a mortgage. The other 1000.00 is actually being put aside to pay off a $500 payday loan that I have and was going to put the rest in savings just in case I run into a crunch again. I think I will go with the paying off card #1 completly. Makes the most sense. Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks for all the responses! The bonus will actually be about 3200.00 so I figured with taxes I would be bringing home $2000 just to be safe. I have compleltly stopped using card #1 about a year ago and #2 like 6 months ago....I've been slowly working on paying them down but with the killer APRs it doesn't go down so fast. The other cards I just cut up 2 weeks ago. I promised myself I am not going to use them anymore. I'm leaning towards killing card #1 because the monthly payments don't get me anywhere. Also, in December a personal loan that I have will be paid off which will leave me an extra $120 a month to put towards the others. Thanks again for all your replies!!
  3. I need all of your advice. I get a bonus in the next couple of months for around $2000.00 I am putting $1000.00 towards bills and the rest I'm putting aside. My question is should I disburse that $1000 between a few of my credit cards to lower utilization (because I'm also trying to work on my score)or should I just throw it all on my highest interest CC which would pay it off? It looks like this: CC #1 Limit-$1,300 Balance-$1,070 APR-28.99% ouch! CC #2 Limit-$1,000 Balance-$900 APR-23.99% CC #3 Limit-$500 Balance-$450 APR-20.40% CC #4 Limit-$1000 Balance-$990 APR-11.9% CC #5 Limit-$1000 Balance-$975 APR-10.9% I'm assuming since I am trying to work on getting my score up there I should lower utilization as much as possible. Your help and advice is appreciated. Thank you!!!
  4. Okay I know Christmas is still a ways away...but I've already started thinking of gift ideas for a "low budget". For example one Christmas when I was low on cash I just took some awesome pictures earlier in the year of friends and family and put them in a frame. Went to Michaels and bought plain light wood colored frames and for the girls glued pretty jewels on them with hot glue and some letters that said something and everyone absolutly loved them! Trying to keep a budget this year as well....wondering if anyone wants to share creative ideas for gifts? Thanks in advance!!
  5. I was approved for Bill Me Later around March 04 and still have a balance. They never did a hard pull and it has never reported with any CRA's.

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