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  1. I finally got my phones after much debating back an fourth with risk management my company is 5 years old they tried to say they wanted all this info because of fraud smh.
  2. Charged to the account I spoke with a rep at the call center an he stated that tmobil shouldn't ask for bank statements an that the credit portion is complete they just need to validate the business (even tho a rep came out to my business already) any who all I would need now is a letter from the bank proving that the business has an account with them.
  3. So tmobil approved my business for 25 lines after I submitted a bill, an my articles of organization so then the rep emails me an says they want bank statements an tax returns In order to send the phones. This is bad business. WTH last I checked this was a phone company not a Financial Institution.
  4. I spoke with my banker an she said it reports to D&B I'm going to call them as well no point in having the card if it doesn't report.
  5. Something like that but I didn't establish a sole Proprietorship
  6. I'm go to finally imcorperate an I would like to know how to back date my corporation, In looking to back date it about 2yr. Could anyone offer any advice.
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