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  1. I had thought that I had fixed my short term credit situation. As of this week exactly 10k of revolving credit. Don’t ask why they approved, I never world me. This tomorrow as a debt collection age for: Choice Recovery, Inc I did take franklin but the charges were not. I never would have imagined 1600. 800 maybe but no 1600. I know my first letter should be to verify that the creditor owners the debt. And then charge from Franklin was for 1 single semester. And see what the hell is going on. I’ve been going of disability I've been in and a bill lately if something though misplaced I wouldn't surprise.
  2. Got mine on the 14th., Card arrived today on the 17th. I called about the miles today. I didn't know how to "back pay" the annual fee so I called them. Antoinette said that even though my statement wont cut until April 10th, and the merger will go through Apr to June, I will receive my miles. She made that explicitly clear that I will still be able to get the 50k sign up bonus. So good news.
  3. I could use a working discount code too...
  4. Supposedly the agreement will be released "monday" but I haven't seen it yet. I'm curious to see everything that's being changed.
  5. The red card starts in Q2 so I'm assuming this card will continue to be issued through Q1
  6. Did this thread really need to be bumped? I would think after 603 pages it could be assumed that this thread gets its due attention.
  7. ^Try the quote feature. Im just giving you a hard time anyway, you do what you like. No. No. This nonconformity is leading to climate change! #Science
  8. "No late payments besides a few on EQ that are over a year old." This statement is very contradictory. Now that we have that out of the way: 1. Freeze EQ 2. Get your utilization down to 1% on 1 card, with all other cards having zero balances. . 3. Wait for that to report to all the CRA's 4. Contact Cap1 EO and ask for a CLI's and AF waivers 5. Wait for any CLI's you receive to report to the CRA's, while maintaining the one card at 1% 6. Focus on some TU and EX pullers. And while you're doing all that figure out how to ditch the judgments and get rid of those lates on EQ. I just saw your post about PenFed and DCU. They both pull EQ. These are not options for you with recent lates. ding ding ding
  9. Will it report, Yes. Will it take 30 days? Generally no but I can't tell you the date. AU's are considered differently on a manual review. Good advice Momof5
  10. True. But since cap 1 with the OP is iffy, if they can't get disco to approve I was just thinking who else they could try. I don't see Chase as an option as suggested by the OP.
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