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  1. The value you get out of the points depends on how and where you use them. For example, I used 30k points a night to stay in the Hilton attached to the Olympic swimming trials in Omaha this past year. I had breakfast in the lounge next to Michael Phelps's family. As a Hilton Diamond member, I got upgraded to an executive floor room that was going for more than $600 a night before taxes for the last few nights of the trials. Did I get to $0.02 per point in value? Not really, but I got to walk back and forth to the trials in just a couple of minutes and hang out in the lounge with some current a
  2. Actually, just ran the numbers. Let's assume I spend $50k total in year 1 as that's where the Blue Cash for Biz caps out on the 2.3x. EDP: If I max out the 6k on grocery at 4.5, that's 27k MRs. If I spend $2k at gas stations (about all I'd spend), that's 6k MRs. If I then spend $42k at 1.5x, that's about 63k MRs. The sign-up bonus is 30k (got it in Google incognito) Adding that up, that's 126k MRs in year 1. Blue Cash for Biz: $48k spent at 2.3x = 110.4k MRs $2k spent at 10x restaurants in first 6mo = 20k MRs Sign up bonus is 10k+ Adding that up, that's 140.4k MRs
  3. Hey everyone, Just looking for an opinion or two. My wife just opened a Biz Plat with my referral (25k for me and 100k for her after hitting spend). Looking to do a revolver for the 2fer. We don't have an Everyday Preferred and I've been thinking we need one (starting to use Biz Plat points for paid int'l biz). Obviously looking for more return in MRs than 1x on the Biz Plat. The Blue Cash sounds nice at 2.3 per dollar for up to $50k 1st year on non-bonused spend. That said, long-term, 1.5 on non-bonused plus 4.5 grocery and 3 gas sounds nice on the EDP. Not sure which to go for righ
  4. Thank you for the feedback. I was more or less thinking the same as everyone said above, just wanted to run by some people. I guess we'll go SPG. Thanks.
  5. Perhaps more of an advanced credit topic, but I figured I'd put it here. I know a lot of things are urban legend, but I've read in enough places about Amex getting itchy for FR/AA when people start putting medical bills on their Amex, so I just don't put medical bills on any of my Amex cards (and I don't have many medical bills, so no biggie). However, I've got a very large vet bill coming up. Actually, it's my sister-in-law's bill. After we took the family for a free vacation in Hawaii this year, they've started to realize the value of points and miles and they offer to let us put mor
  6. Yeah, there sure are. Chase's transfer partners make UR points more valuable than 2% cash back if you like to travel and place any value on traveling in a higher "class" / "style" than you would normally be willing to pay for. The myriad of transfer partners means that you can average out to a nice return on your spending -- especially if you place any value on traveling in premium cabins or nicer-than-average hotels. Until a few years ago, I didn't place value on those things. Then I went to a travel conference. I saw a speaker ask the room how many people use miles & points to prima
  7. Thanks. She hasn't applied for anything in years and only has 2 CCs and 1 AU acct (all from long ago), so she was literally at 0/24 with an 800+ score. I didn't expect an issue. They gave a nice limit, too -- mid 20's. Much higher than her other two cards. So that's why we're thinking Ink+. Might as well get a biz card today also. And if someone can earn 5k points on that, so be it. I expect it to be as easy an Ink approval as is possible these days (so by that I mean it'll be at least a week, but I don't anticipate an issue).
  8. I've never had a single referral offer on any of my 5 Chase cards via the stinkin' refer-a-friend site. Grr. Anyway, my better half did the CSR today for 100k points. Might as well go for an Ink+ today as well. Anyone have a referral link for it? Send me a PM if you have an actual link. If it's an email referral, I'll have to pass as I'm looking to get the app in today. Thanks!
  9. I think you misunderstand earn and burn -- and you haven't made a logical argument as to why earning points and using them sooner rather than later has changed. I have more than a dozen separate trips booked over the next 12 months. Some of them are trips where I've booked, for example, an outbound flight and I'm still earning the rest of the points for a return (or I'm still checking availability for it for the 6 people I'm bringing). Earn and burn doesn't mean one trip at a time -- it means earn them and use them before they devalue. Nobody -- and I mean absolutely nobody in the tra
  10. I'm going to totally disagree with you on multiple accounts. The philosophy of "earn and burn" is not outdated nor will it ever be -- nor should it be -- nor does your article even really make any argument as to why that philosophy would be dead. All it explains is that earning a lot of points through sign up bonuses is dead. Nobody can argue with that -- but that's not connected to "earn a burn" apart from being one of the methods to earn. One method to earn is dying -- that's all. The idea of "earn and burn" is that you want to accumulate points with a use in mind and put them to u
  11. It's not about it being usable. $1,500 was more than enough to cover monthly car rentals for me and get the benefit of primary coverage while still being able to enjoy the other benefits of my RC card like $300 in AA GC's. Long time no post. Glad to see everyone is keeping up with the game :-). So I just read about the shenanigans above. Quick question -- I thought the RC card was only available as a Visa Signature (in the past - I know it's an Infinite now) -- and I thought Chase wouldn't let you have a CL under $5k on a Visa Sig? Or is that only for an initial limit? I haven'
  12. Hey guys, Has anyone added an AU to a biz card as a sole proprietor? I've got an Amex Biz Platinum. I'd like to add my wife as an AU (both because she does occasionally purchase things for me and for the ancillary Platinum benefits). I'm wondering if this would cause an issue as I'm a sole prop? Also, I've never added an AU with Amex. I understand from reading that they require SSN for personal AU's. If they do for biz cards, I want to make sure it won't show anything on her personal reports if I add her on the Amex Biz Plat. I imagine the card won't report (as it doesn't on mine),
  13. I didn't talk to a human -- I just used the phone system to make my payment. It was automated. But what you say makes some sense. I had a lot of trouble linking one of my CC accounts to my user ID a while back and it took several tech people to sort it out. You're probably right that it's a back end problem. I was more concerned if this was a known sign of a shut down or something. Seems just a glitch with me. Thanks!
  14. Yeah, I've tried 3 different browsers. Odd. (I tried different browsers before posting here, of course)
  15. I'm not a pump-and-dump user myself, but I'm certainly not offended by discussion of it. Some folks get hammered and drive the wrong way on the highway and kill a family of 7, but I don't think we need to eliminate discussion of beer. Plenty of folks can enjoy a cold one or two now and then without ruining their lives. If someone got all the way to this thread, they likely understand not to drink a case of beer and a handle of gin before hopping behind the wheel.
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