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  1. Because Whychat told me to start over with a CRA challenge after 3-4 months, but the more I'm thinking about it and seeing this CA continue to report debts under $20, it seemed crazy. So, if I send a letter with the ITS, do I say I'm suing for $1,000 per violation which in this case there are 3 reports being made.
  2. The CA is currently reporting every other month to the CRA even after DV. I was following Whychat's instructions and howto documents, which doesn't include these "two sentences." Whychat says to follow her examples exactly, so that's what I did. So, I'm going to start over the a challenge to the CRA and see if they delete, since the last time I tried was 8-9 months ago. If they don't and I do another DV, and they come back with the same results as the first time, do I then sent them a letter saying I'll sue?
  3. I've tried disputing, DV, and even a complaint to the CFPB and these guys still report the debt as open every other month. $8. I've called the OC and verified in writting I don't owe anything, but I think this CA is trying to exact some blood out of me for not paying them directly for the debt. Is there anything I can do about this? Do I sue them?
  4. To recap, I initially paid off the OC before I knew about the HIPAA method. I then found my credit was still being hammered so started doing some research and found the HIPAA method. I then followed the HIPAA method to the letter, with some great feedback and help from you. I'll give it another shot after Thanksgiving and report back. Thanks for all the help!
  5. I got a final reply from my CFPB complaint. The response (all of the fluff removed): "They responded and verified that the disputed information was accurate as reported." Bottom line is the CFPB did nothing. So, now do I just have to wait a few months and start the process all over again?
  6. When sending the HIPAA letter, insert (a); do you pay the original amount of the debt or the amount plus all the interest and what not the CA adds on? I have a confirmation from the CRA that the original debt is $354, but then they say my current amount is $586. Thanks
  7. By chance, do you recall what department you spoke to at Citi? I suspect it is the recovery department.
  8. I was following your instructions here that says an FTC complaint: https://whychat.me/hipaaftccomp.html
  9. Thanks so much you guys. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and advice
  10. So, when you do the FTC complaint. Your instructions say go to "Other". I'm assuming you then select "No Matches"? The options are things like satelite providers, etc. Then there is one for "No Matches" The FTC complaint Assistant is asking more for information about like a trade line or something. Am I clicking the wrong link to dispute or do I just input all of the CRAs info and in the "Comments" field just free form type in what happened?
  11. Thanks alot Kunner. You have been very helpful. I will look into the settlement and if this fails a loan modification. Capitalizing interest over the past 7-8 years would look ugly.
  12. lojaq, thank you for the comments. When did you do this?
  13. After filing the complaint against the CA, should I send it a copy to the CRA or the CA?
  14. One quick follow up since I can't edit my last post. Should I also file a complaint against the CA since the validation they sent is statements from a year ago and not current? What they are reporting to the CRA is invalid, since I owe the CA $0 and they are reporting small balances. As explained above, the validation information they sent was from statements from the OC in early 2016.
  15. Interestingly, the CA responded to my DV today and sent a copy of my medical record from the Hospital along with some account information that is over a year old. There is no HIPPA authorization form in what they sent. I would think that this would be a clear HIPPA violation wouldn't it? The CA says I still owe a very small balance (<$25), but I spoke with the provider last spring and I owe nothing. I did file the complaint you suggested against the CRA, so I'll see how that turns out.

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