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  1. I can easily get all the information I need on him from mutual acquaintances. Employer, home address, personal information and even information on his personal property but I'm not sure any of the property is paid for. On the flipside, he could also get this information on me (small town life). Also, I'm afraid this would wake the sleeping lion so to speak before I get in to see an attorney.
  2. I went to my county courthouse and got copies of the judgments. They are both recorded but the one I was never served on lists my address as somewhere I have never lived.
  3. The $5000 one is a deficiency judgement on an automobile that was eventually repoed from him. The $8000 was for furniture that I am assuming he still has since the judgment is still close to the purchase price amount.
  4. Not in the divorce agreement because I just wanted out of the relationship as easily as possible therefore it was a non contested divorce. My ex kept what he had possession of and I kept what I had possession of. He had possession of the collateral in both of these judgements and they were not mentioned in the divorce agreement at all. I didn't try to contact him because it was an abusive situation and I had a protection of abuse (restraining order) against him. Bad situation that I am paying the price for now because my focus at that time was the situation with him and wasn't focused on financial issues. I have waited to see if they would collect from him but now I am ready to purchase a house and my hopes of them collecting the money from him first is down the drain so I have to take care of it myself. So that's my story of how it came to be. At this point I am working on how to take care of it and if the $8000 judgement is in fact a recorded judgement and if not, what do I do next.
  5. Alabama. the sol is 10 years and renewable for another 10 years.
  6. Thank you so much for the helpful advice! I do have a couple of more questions.... One judgement that is on my credit report is for $8000 and the creditor/plaintiff (Quality Time of America, Inc) has never attempted to collect money from me. It has been six years since judgment was filed according to my credit report. Is it possible that this isn't a recorded judgement since I wasn't properly served notice? Is there a SOL for how long they have to serve me after the suit is filed? I live in a rural area where this information isn't available online but I plan to make a trip to the courthouse tomorrow. If not recorded, what should my next course of action be to have this taken care of? The other judgement I'm sure is recorded because they have attempted twice to collect money from me by garnishing bank accounts. I am considering hiring an attorney to prepare an offer for settlement to them. How much should I offer if the judgement was for $5000?
  7. I have been working on repairing credit and home searching for about five years. My credit was in complete despair after my divorce and so far I have paid off all the old debt except two things that are now judgments against me. One is for $5000 and the other is about $8000. The reason I haven't paid these is 1) I haven't had the money and 2) This was my exes debt and I felt like he should pay it. These items should be off my credit report in about a year and a half so at this point I am just playing the waiting game. I realize this makes me look bad but that is what I am doing. Everything else is paid off and I only have a student loan and a car payment now which total around $800 per month. My monthly income (with overtime which is consistent for several years) is about $4900. Questions: Can I get financed for a home with these two unpaid judgements on my credit? Can I go the FHA or USDA route? Any advice, information, tips and tidbits would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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