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  1. Effective in August, your account will be changing from a My Best Buy® MasterCard® to a My Best Buy® Visa® Credit card*. Continue using your My Best Buy® MasterCard® until you receive your new card in September. Your Citi Account Online User ID and Password will remain the same. *Account must be in good standing to qualify Will this appear as a 'new account' on my credit report with the change from MC to Visa?
  2. If you're getting a message stating your cards aren't eligible and they meet the guideline criteria, you may want to contact a representative to see if they can get them combined. Some posts have assumed that the reason they aren't eligible is due to recent upgrades, cli's, etc. Although, I had no problem combining 4 cards with those same scenarios. Maybe there are still glitches in their system? Used my old HSBC card as receiving card (had the lowest interest of the cards). Got a cli on both receiving card and one of the donor cards just a few days before combining. Did an upgrade on
  3. But once you fill out the app and review the APR and Fee terms, it will show the Visa/Visa Siggy and also the Store card terms. So, there is a store card version.
  4. Yes, was having trouble. Received error code indicating maintenance when trying to reset password. As of now, able to login but there is a notice at the top of my account page that states: If you're logging in this weekend... link important message You'll have limited access to account balances and services for some period this weekend while we improve the site. Thanks for your patience.
  5. I appreciate the detailed explanation, Andrew. That gave me a better understanding of how BT's work. I'll heed your advice and wait for the payment to clear before initiating the BT back to NFCU. I submitted the BT from NFCU to CapOne. CapOne is already showing an electronic funds transfer and a balance on the account now. So, it went quicker than the 10 days, as you mentioned hyschmied. Now, hoping it posts and clears the balance at NFCU within a day or two. It's less than 10k so I'm hoping the BT back to NFCU transfers back prior to the April 30th deadline. Thanks, Tyra, for th
  6. Would it be beneficial for OP to app for a card at the same bank that holds her car note? Would that loan relationship increase her approval odds with that bank? OP, are you eligible for NFCU?
  7. Got the 0% BT offer from NFCU. Good until the end of the month, so I want to make sure I get a BT process completed in time. I have a balance at NFCU that is costing me interest. My intent is to BT it out to CapOne because they charge no BT fee then BT it back to NFCU at 0%. CapOne says BT will take 10 days. I got some questions I'm hoping someone can clear up..... While the CapOne BT request is pending, should I go ahead and initiate the BT back to NFCU? I'm trying to avoid a balance/interest with CapOne. CapOne is currently PIF. If the NFCU pays CapOne before CapOne pays NFCU,
  8. Thanks pwd and daddy for the info. I was thinking one year from open date. Opened April 4th but technically this month will only be my 10th statement because I had no usage and no statement generate for Oct and Nov 2014. So, I'll have to wait a little while longer I suppose.
  9. I received the same letter today. At what age mark did you receive the notice to unsecure? My original open date was April 4th and my first statement closed May 17th and I have not received an offer to unsecure yet? I have read that some others had received the notice prior to their one year anniversary date. The last score discover has generated for me was Feb 11th so I'm hoping they soft me again soon. However, TU has been randomly giving my creditors problems accessing my report.
  10. Great! I'm going to have to try that myself, as I've been locked out for months, too. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Congrats on your deletions. Keep a copy of your results, as they will prove useful in the event of future reinsertion.
  12. Try the GE BD#. They usually transfer me to a different dept for JCP.
  13. Yep, it's been discussed. WF will be taking over the Dillard's accounts on Nov 7th (both store and Amex). Try to get any CLI's you can now while Sync still has the accounts.
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