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  1. Morpheus1967

    Raising score

    Medical collections?
  2. Morpheus1967

    Navy Federal Credit Pulls

    I can't say for sure, but I would almost guarantee they will pull one more time right before you close. I think what the NFCU agent was saying is they won't pull again for the pre-qual letter during the 120 days. But they will want to make sure before closing that you haven't racked up a ton of new financial commitments right before they are about to loan you a large sum of money.
  3. Morpheus1967

    How to attack Cap1?

    What does that even mean? If we think what should go unpunished? And please, let us know how that turns out for your employer. Are you saying they received a writ of garnishment from the courts and they are ignoring it? And not to sound rude, but you are out of your mind if you think Capital One has any obligation to "work with you" on any of this. Not when you fell behind, and definitely not now. Why would they? They already have a judgment. Several people here, with a lot of experience in these things, have already told you your best course of action. You can keep saying "they wouldn't work with me" until you are blue in the face, and it won't change anything. And unless there is something amiss with the judgment, or how it was obtained, you are not going to win this one. Period. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it's the harsh truth. Good luck.
  4. Morpheus1967

    How could this happen?

    That's a helluva mortgage payment!
  5. Morpheus1967

    How to attack Cap1?

    I see no way they will settle with you. The time to negotiate a settlement was before they got a judgment. They hold all of the cards, and have shown they will actively try to garnish your wages.
  6. Morpheus1967

    Chase Blacklist, how long is their memory?

    I'm still on their "no" list after burning them in bk in 2009. When I called, they specifically said it was my bankruptcy. Not that I burned them (implied, however.) So at this point, I will just wait until the bk falls off next year, wait a few months, and try again.
  7. Morpheus1967

    Help Please. Big collection just appeared

    Have you talked to the old roommate? The original amount is $9254. There is a hell of a lot more going on here than 6 months rent @ $635. Sounds like some major damage was done to the apartment.
  8. Morpheus1967

    Received a phone call from ACT Account Control technologies

    Did you look at any of the sample letters that are posted here? Did you actually send those letters?
  9. Why would you need to file BK if all of your debt is past SOL? Because I dont want to wait 3 yrs for everything to fall off. I dont know how filing chapter 7 can be anymore worse than my current situation You don't want to wait 3 years for everything to fall off? A bankruptcy will be with you for an additional 10 years. So that line of thinking does not make sense to me. I agree with shifter. You need to focus your energy on the judgment(s) you have against you. I don't know the backstory there, so I can't offer much in the way of advice.
  10. Morpheus1967

    Nelson & Kennard collecting for JH Portfolio Debt Equities

    I can't wait for the first newbie to read one of these sample letters from icanhasmuny and they actually call these people salamanders in the salutation
  11. Nice DP! How were you doing on overall exposure with Amex leading up to this? 4506 territory? I fully expect, just like cv above, that any request from me will result in a request, but maybe it's time to find out... The HH card is the only one I have with Amex. So total exposure is the limit of that card. The CSR didn't even hesitate when I asked. He said he would put the application in, and I would know in 7-10 days. But I verified card number, address and income, it was approved right away while still in the chat. So not really sure how close it is to 4506 territory, but since I was honest about income and it was an instant decision, I'm not real worried about it.
  12. Just an FYI, I was able to transfer the limit from the new HH card, the one that transferred from Citi, to my existing Amex HH Ascend card this morning. I was able to transfer $14,400 of the $15,000 limit to my existing card, bringing that limit to $34,400. This was all done through customer service chat window.
  13. Morpheus1967

    Need a student loan

    Also, you should not have anything negative that is 10 years old on your report. Call and get them removed.
  14. Morpheus1967

    Nfcu above 25k

    Who knows if it factors into their internal scores, but they certainly look at it as part of the decision making process. Wen u got jumped to 50k was it from 25k the jump? Its $35K to $50K I don't ever recall being asked for POI, but definitely was not asked for my CLIs from $25K to $35K or $35K to $50K. I guess it was not a instant went to review first ?Using the cloc monthly and paying right back like a week 2 later can it have a bad effect with nfcu like it would show I dont have cash ? You're using the CLOC every month?
  15. How exactly did AMEX screw you over?

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