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  1. Perhaps Admin Recovery has not put anything on his reports, but TBD Renovate has? Just a thought.
  2. No one assumed anything. I gave one possibility of what it could mean. Hegemony gave several others. And quite frankly, if you know Centex at all and his/her posting style, he/she would have absolutely zero issue calling you out if he thought you were lying.
  3. Many times, people will post to the board about a "friend" who has an issue, when in reality it is the person posting that has the issue.
  4. You might have better luck posting this in the Auto Financing forum. @MarvBear
  5. As previously stated, they are not going to remove the accounts simply because the SOL has expired on these. What exactly was your dispute?
  6. Yep, they cut mine this week. $17,500 to $5,000. The reasoning was that I was not using my existing credit line enough. Which I guess is technically true.
  7. Where did you read this? Because Synchrony Bank is very much a part of Paypal Credit. In fact for me, it literally just became involved in Paypal. (This is strictly for Paypal credit, not the credit card Paypal issues.)
  8. Yep. Been at $30k for about 18 months now.
  9. That's odd. I got a ton of soft pull increases with them. I went from a $500 limit (at the start of my rebuild) to $30,000 today, and never once did I ask for an increase in my limit. They just came automatically, every 6 months, like clockwork.
  10. I was actually asking the OP. Not sure why you felt it necessary to answer for someone else.
  11. Just out of curiosity, why do you need to pull every day?
  12. I can't say for sure, but I would almost guarantee they will pull one more time right before you close. I think what the NFCU agent was saying is they won't pull again for the pre-qual letter during the 120 days. But they will want to make sure before closing that you haven't racked up a ton of new financial commitments right before they are about to loan you a large sum of money.
  13. What does that even mean? If we think what should go unpunished? And please, let us know how that turns out for your employer. Are you saying they received a writ of garnishment from the courts and they are ignoring it? And not to sound rude, but you are out of your mind if you think Capital One has any obligation to "work with you" on any of this. Not when you fell behind, and definitely not now. Why would they? They already have a judgment. Several people here, with a lot of experience in these things, have already told you your best course of action. You can keep saying "they wouldn't work with me" until you are blue in the face, and it won't change anything. And unless there is something amiss with the judgment, or how it was obtained, you are not going to win this one. Period. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it's the harsh truth. Good luck.
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