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  1. I'm just not sure what my scores are, at all. I hate to have the lender pull them and get denied credit, and have something else negative on it then.
  2. So if I pay for all 3 scores from MyFico, do I have to pay more to see if/when it has updated?
  3. We are trying our best to buy our first home, as we are living with family and there are no places to rent. & of course, we would much rather be paying a mortgage than rent. I used Identity Guard to check credit yesterday, but now I am seeing that the scores are not updated unless I pay more. Is there another place I can check all 3 without having to pay more to see the updated scores?
  4. We are FINALLY ready to apply for a mortgage & hoping to do an FHA loan. Any suggestions as to where to apply for one? We've thought about Quickenloans and Vanderbuilt Mortgage. Mid score is 618
  5. I do understand. I have asked multiple lenders and lawyers about it. Thanks for the help though!
  6. GOOD NEWS! My husband contacted Transunion tonight & the gentleman told him that it is supposed to come off March 25th. If it's not off on the 26th, to call to dispute it. Yay!! But, what do we do if Transunion removes it & the other 2 don't??
  7. bnw12186


    My husband is wanting to try to dispute an item on his credit report since it will be at the 7 year mark next month. When he goes to the TU site to dispute online, you have to chose a reason for the dispute. What option do you chose for something that is old?
  8. From a vehicle repossession. did you go through Whychats repo info at the top of this page? I was hoping you were going to say a default credit card judgment. There are others on this site that are good with deficiencies. I did go through the info.
  9. Thank you! We are trying our best to not let the plaintiff know we are desperate to settle. They actually probably have no idea that we are trying to figure it out since we haven't contacted them.
  10. So no disputing it? I'm just confused as to why I would get told several times that it would fall off in 7 years & the credit report saying that its estimated to be removed. It will fall off after 7 years (next month) but the problem is the court record, not your credit report. The title company will be looking for any possible future liens, and they'll all have to be cleared up before you can get the loan. The abstractor will go to the courthouse to search your names. No credit report involved. I'm so tired of this judgment. Well then... I guess we play the waiting game, or try to get it settled. It was originally around $6000, now after interest and everything its like $12000
  11. I have heard that ALL judgments fall off at 7 years, but can be renewed at 10 years.
  12. So no disputing it? I'm just confused as to why I would get told several times that it would fall off in 7 years & the credit report saying that its estimated to be removed.
  13. I have called Transunion and Experian & they both have told me that it will fall off in 7 years.

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