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  1. Eq finally deleted the BK. It's gone from TU as well . Still on Ex but I'm going to leave it alone for now bcuz they refuse to delete my previous address. Thanks op
  2. What method did you use to get the BK deleted off Eq they just deleted my previous address this morning
  3. TU deleted the BK . Is there a method to remove the accounts iib
  4. Actually all my accounts that are associated with my previous address are closed and iib I have moved since then
  5. Equifax deleted my previous address then reinstered smh
  6. I followed the the steps in the first post and disputed my bankruptcy with EQ a few days ago. Today I got a myfico alert . All of my accounts that I included in bankruptcy have been changed from Bankruptcy Chapter 7 to Account Closed By Creditor. Does this mean my bankruptcy has been deleted . I can't check the backdoor thanks
  7. Which income is used for the calculation? On my W2 Box 1 is lower than box 5
  8. Funny i also received my discover it card today . Score with card is EQ
  9. I applied for a credit card recently with no inquiries on EQ and my score dropped 7 pts for adding 1
  10. I have 6 chargeoffs from 2009 and was approved for Amex in August of this year my ex was 672 at the time
  11. Lending club score is a fako now was Tu08 until recently

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